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Small Business You can Start In Nigeria With 5,000 to 10,000 Naira

 Nigeria is a large country with no good leaders and will eventually end the economic influence of young people, while there are no good paid jobs managed by the government, which has increased poverty in the country by 20%. We have found that almost 70% of Nigerians want to start their own business due to unemployment and the empowerment of young people. We have compiled this list of small businesses to start at # 5000 or # 10,000 in Naira Nigeria.


    We understand that getting a loan is not an easy process if you don’t have a problem with something that can be a guarantee for you, so it almost prevents young future entrepreneurs from borrowing a good amount, which is a traditional command. A business listing will help you get started with the survival rate of entrepreneurs in the industry. All the business ideas listed in this post are companies that anyone can easily start between Naira 5,000 and Naira 10,000

    In Nigeria, 8 small businesses will set up 5,000 or 10,000 Naires by 2020

    Remember, it’s better to do something when asked, no matter how small your business is, it’s better than asking for a pig place. There are many goods that can start in 5-10 k, but here are just a few of them that I think are more profitable in Nigeria.


    Okrkka is a non-domestic fabric imported by some Nigerian importers. About 48% of Nigerians use ocher, but you don’t know it because they are the first type of oceans. the truth is that you can’t tell okrek and you’re ready to join. Many Nigerian stores supply their okra stores and sell them at higher prices.

    Starting this business is a good idea for the residents of Lagos and some notable residents. This is the most mobile company in Lagos where a young man has an adventure and it makes a lot of money. There is no need for this company to start a store. If you don’t have money, don’t worry. If you’ve been to Lagos or lived in Lagos, you need to better understand why you don’t need a trade to start an ocher trade.

    The people of this company can be easily found in popular areas of the lakes such as the railways. They only do this by placing the sheets on a wide nylon or table. This company does not require a full day or distract you from other daily activities. The most important time to start a business is in the evening, when employees return from work from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

    Buying a towel from Okrija costs # 10,000 to 20,000, and you can find over 200 towels from the entire selection.

    People who sell towels sell them from Rage # 500 to 1200. If you now have a set of towels purchased for # 10000 and you find 200 towels worth # 500, how much will you earn? if we read this 500 x 200 = # 100,000 - # 10,000 you bought = # 90,000 - # 4,000 for traffic = # 86,000, then wow you will definitely get a profit of 85,000 euros in less than two weeks if you are smart and God is by your side.

    Which Nigerian company is willing to pay such wages to its employees today? Remember, in order to succeed in this business, you need to stop all embarrassing actions. you have to be smart when calling customers, shouting and so on. You have to make it a living because you are not stealing, you are not really ashamed.


    If you live in a popular place like Lagos, a clean water business can be a very good option, this company does not need a lot of capital. Only # 3000 - # 5000 can stabilize this business.

    You don’t have to blame yourself. All you have to do is meet people who sell clean water / table water this way and let them know that you are willing to sell them cheaper than before.

    You can also get unemployed beggars to your area with this clean water bag to highlight you and on top of every bag sold is the N50 Naira while you keep the rest. Give them lunch and try to be nice to them, get a cocktail bowl. You can add table water and drinking sticks like group drinks, etc. These people sell more than 20 bags of clean water every day if God wants it for you.

    You can get merchants up to 10 or 15 of them to be sold to you in another place in Lagos. You earn up to $ 3,000 a day from this company, which is better than begging or unemployment. The wholesale price of clean water is currently # 80 per bag.


    This is not known to many Nigerians. There are only a few people in this company and they really do. This company is more profitable than you think, and the good part is that you don’t have to suffer from factory stress. No trade is required, this company needs up to 10,000 nair or more of start-up capital depending on the problem you face.

    How is it done?

    This company orders products to buy online and resell online. The profitable part of this business is buying used properties that you can sell and earn well. Phones and computers are the main purpose of this business if you want to make money.

    The secret is that there are many reasons why people are encouraged to sell their current cell phones or laptops, some of which are due to the immediate need for money to take care of people other than themselves. Therefore, they value this property at a very affordable price so that the buyer can buy faster.

    All you have to do is meet the seller and confirm that the thing works 100% perfectly, as well as make sure the property belongs to him. Buy the product and send it for a larger amount, # 10000 nair to get more income.

    The best places to do business are, and

    You can sell this product faster even on the same or next day.

    Repeat this until you can rent a store. It is a great company and some smart entrepreneurs are doing very well in this field as it is still very good in Nigeria.

    4. Noodles Business

    This company doesn’t require a lot of money to get started, you can start with a small amount like # 2000 - # 5000, depending on what you want it to look like. It is the making of noodles, the discovery of the making of the messiah, and the egg. It doesn’t have to look local after the Hausa men in your area do it.

    You can make it a comfortable place, wrap it in sheets or plastic wrap and then wrap your body in wraps, writings, or whatever makes it acceptable and very good. You can do this business early, for example, by using park depreciation.

    You can also serve office workers in your area during their breaks. Soon you will have their contact person and they will call you to take them. This company is a middle income employee. If you give him time and try to do it with a modem, you can earn # 4000 - # 5000 every day.

    Some people look at this business, while others thrive on the company. I know someone who runs this business and his store is always busy because he did it early until he sold # 500 Naira noodles on a plate that contained chicken and whatever soft drinks he chose.


    This company requires 10,000 naires and more if you don’t have any requirements yet. The requirement to set up a business is


    Pot or pan




    The log is spinning

    Oven or electronic stove or gas stove.

    Most of these requirements listed above are not expensive, the only expensive product is the oven. The good thing is that now there’s a mini oven where you can get to number # 3000, and that’s a very good place to start. You can start this business right from your home without having to trade. All you have to do is meet fast food and people who sell cakes and egg rolls. Offer them your product for delivery at a better price # 20 than the regular price you buy from Naira, treat them kindly and keep them as customers.

    Call their number and always call them if you need an appointment. I know a lot of people started this business this way, they already have their own bakeries and buses that they currently offer. This is a company we’ll see for sure in the future, but you’ll first need to get product information from people already working or get a DVD tutorial to help you add this file.

 6. LIQUID Soap product.

    Today, many people treat liquid soap because it is cheap and sold faster, people use the soap on a daily basis and named it for the most part with the new popular green liquid soap. This soap is made locally and does not require much capital, it is possible to start a business with only # 5000 in Naira.

    Before starting this business, it is advisable to meet your neighbors and tell them about your new idea and when to start work. Let them know that you are offering a low price on the normal price you bought.

    If you make # 50 Naira for every soap you sell and you can sell 20 pieces of soap a day, you get 1000 a day. You can also notify some resellers to protect yourself. It may not be a great source of income, but you can make a lot of money for a better business. And it’s better than begging or stealing


    Setting up a call center is another way to make money. You need to call telecommunications or even business customer service. Did you send a message or complaint to the business organization? Wow, did you know that those who receive your phone call or reply to your complaint message / email are not employees of sponsored companies; or do they not operate on company premises? Yes they are!

    You can set up a telephone service company and work for companies on a contract basis. The good part about this business is that it doesn’t require a large amount of start-up capital, you can always start small by being a call center representative at home because it doesn’t require a lot of start-up capital if you don’t want to do more with your hands.

    All you need to start a business is a well-functioning phone.

    You may want to add a computer coupon instead

    Since customer acquisition meets companies, you can first turn to a reputable company. Unfortunately, you can only select one company and sign a contract with you.


    Nigeria’s demand for good management of care services is growing. indeed, many parents work for others to earn enough income from Google to support their families, leaving them less time for their children. and want someone to take care of these children with dignity.

    While there are plenty of childcare centers, you’re sure to make money with this company if you get out of the area in an exceptionally helpful and creative way. You don’t even have to start setting up a daycare service, you can start this business easily from home.

    Those who do not have the capital and experience to develop a full-time daycare center will benefit from this business area from a small nursing office or daycare service.