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How To Get More Customers For Your Business

If you are a business owner, chances are that you will want to increase your profit. One viable way to raise your profit is by getting more customers to buy your product or service. Now, how do you get this done?

How do you increase your paying customers? This is not hard science. The truth is that if you don’t know how to market your service or product yourself, chances are that you will be out of business sooner or later. And even if you survive, you will earn little. You must have been in the business sector where there is competition for customers. You must have also wondered why some of your competitors sell their products quicker like they weird magical powers. These fast guys will sell off 5 cartons of products and wanting more while you are still struggling to sell off one cartoon.

The truth is that learning how to market your stuff is like learning how to weird magical powers.

The very moment you learn and apply it, you have the key to control your bank account. Marketing is a big subject. How to easily get customers for your Business This is the first rule. Don’t chase any customer. Never! They should chase you. Now, think about this. How do you feel when you walk into the market and someone attempts to drag your arms? You will feel irritated and annoyed.

That is what you do when you jump into people forcing your flyers into their hands.

You annoy them, some will take your flyers to the toilet, amigo. So, the best decision now is to stop it. They should chase you. How?  I will show you how, but I want you to know this first before looking for a customer. First, find a selling point of your business and be very clear who your customers are. For example, someone selling weight loss supplement online should be clear on what he is selling. If he or she were to be asked about what he is selling. If his reply is weight loss supplements. It is wrong. No, that is not what you are selling. The reason he is not earning enough money is that he thinks he is just selling weight loss supplement. He doesn’t have a selling point.

His proper selling point is to sell a weight loss supplement for women who just gave birth. And to position his product as a viable solution for baby fat. This single clarity will double sale next month. This is the reason it will work so well. The more specific your selling point becomes, the more you attract customers. Why Take that weight loss supplement, for instance, everyone is selling it. But when he came and said, ‘’This is just for women who just gave birth’’. Then, women who just gave birth will say to themselves, ‘’since this is just for us, and not like the random weight loss thing out there, then it will probably work. I will choose it over the rest of the craps out there. Bam… more sales for you.

Weight loss plan for women with stretch marks.

Bams, you raise the standard above the competition and become a boss. Now, when you have got your selling point right and being very specific about who your customers are. It is now the best time to attract them. The next step is to attract. Please note, I did not say ‘’Go after’’. The keyword is attracting. How do you attract customers? How do you get them to meet you at your business location? By offering your customers something they cannot refuse. Incorporate attraction with a free gift I once consulted with a school owner.

She wanted to get more students enrolment in her school.

Her school is spacious and nice but parents were not bringing in their kids. What we did for her was simple, we organised a free workshop for parents whose kids are not good at maths. The venue was the school premise, so we can use the opportunity to show off the school environment. At the very end of the programme, interested parents who wanted the school to do help out were asked to enrol their kids. Right there on the spot, over 92 parents registered their kids. Hence, never underestimate the power of a gift. But note, the gift has to be designed to make the customer want what you have to sell. Also, it should not cost you. You can’t give free painting if you are in the paint business, you can go broke. But you can give free paint surveying to your client, where you visit to look at the house and give expert advice on the paint combination to use. Then after that, you may ask, will you want us to do it for you? Apply these simple tricks and watch your sales increase to double and triple times as you will ever imagine.

Nwosu is a business manager and CEO, Cpraxis Integrated Services. Visit for more business and investment articles and writeups.