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9 Business You Can Start With Less Than 20k Naira That Will Be Giving You 50kNaira Monthly

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I recently discovered that many of them may not be aware of some of the things that can help them become independent throughout their lives. Many business ideas require zero capital, while most require less than 20,000 NN to start. One person can combine 2 or 3 of them without a basic purchase.

Let me bother you very rhetorically. Release.

1. Barbing / Hair dressing.

You can start it in front of your house. Scissors can be used for less than 3000 NN. A relatively used generator costs about 8500-9000 N000 here in Ibadan. Someone recently bought around me. Barb is not too complicated. I had to comb my own for the past 14 years, not lack of money, but because of lack of time. Barb me at night. If I hit my head, why can’t I run into someone else. You may not be able to drive specific styles, but your neighbors will pay for the service up to the N200.

Women do not need a dryer or a special cottage. If you have good hair braiding, start acquiring skills right away. I pay Mrs. Author somehow N300-N500 every weekend and the same story with dozens of neighbors.

2. Manufacture and sale of fine Kunnun, Sobon, soy beverages and small carbonates such as Puff Puff, Buns and Scotch Egg. (If you live in Ibadan, my wife will teach you for free). While it may be necessary to replace it, be sure to make a very good contribution to these efforts.

3. Food vendor.

If you can prepare well, you can start selling food in your area. Sells food to builders. Baked food is sold in the parks. You can sell local cabbage salads. One coin coin etc. It is highly sought after by people who do not have time to cook at home.

4. About food. You can have a base Akara (bean cake). I know where we gathered to buy Akara, here in Ibadan. The man employs more than 4 men and they still do not meet the requirements. Combine this afternoon with fried jams and Pommon pepper. That money revolves.

5. Recharge card sold at parks and busy intersections. You may not know it, but merchants sell N93 Glo cards for N93. The MTN N100 rises from the N96 to 50 and the Airtel N100 to the N95. If you can park at a busy intersection, you can sell well. You can combine it with the sale of cold and bottled beverages.

6. Vegetable planting.

Did you know that vegetables like spinach, jute leaves (Ewedu) Okra and others are ready to be harvested in a few weeks if you read them properly in water? It can be integrated with other companies and believe me, the market is always very demanding of them.

7. Bread sales at night.

I don't know if you noticed the women. sell fresh bread at night. Some of the breads they sell on the N300-N400 give them at least N50-N70 per loaf of bread. Many of them sell up to 40 or more a day when they are in busy places.

Why didn't you think of doing the same? Do you see them crying inside the circle? They may not be surprisingly rich, but are they being asked to feed?

8. Roasted corn.

Now that we have the corn season, I'm sure you buy a corn price of N50 or N100. Don’t many of these horns pay no more than the N20 or N30 on the farms the women take them to. But many of us are not ashamed to ask our mothers who save money at times like these. How long?

9. Sale of fresh eggs.

Did you know that farmers do not sell more than egg packs in the N800-N900? Did you know you can be an egg distributor in the neighborhood? You can do between N100 and N00 per box. If the turnover is very good, you will get a very good income from it. After a while, you don’t have to go through them. People came to ask themselves.

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