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5 Business That are Very Common and Profitable In Nigeria

 They are so many businesses in Nigeria were people engage in to make profit but it is not all business that are profitable some demands much time and capital but ends ups bringing low profit while some may just demand much time, low profit and ends up bringing large profit, In Nigeria they are some businesses that are common due to the capital used in starting this business and the low cost of running them.

Many Nigerians no longer look for white collar job due to the lack of employment opportunities in the country some Nigerian just believe in making their own money through various business. Below are some common businesses in Nigeria which are highly profitable.

1.Food Vendors:

These is one of the common business in Nigeria, most of the food vendors are normally found on the roadside either cooking lite food or frying and roasting some food items like chicken,fish,plantain etc.Food vendor business are in different forms they are some food vendors who carry food stuff around to sell, these business is seen as one of the most profitable business in the country many people engage in these business to make profit

Some food vendors operate at night like those who sell on the roadside there major operate at night due to the nature of thier business.

Below are some photos of some food vendors at work.

Well prepared meal ready to be sold.

A food vendor serving food to customers.

Food vendor business is very profitable and you can engage in it if you wish, but these business depends on where and how you locate your business the location and type of business you engage in can affect your profit rate.

2.Provision Store:

In Nigeria which ever street you enter you must certainly find a provision store in that street this is due to the high rate of demand of minor items sold in provision stores by the population. By the way opening a provision store isn't really had it depends on your ability to manage it, before thinking of going into this business they are different things you should consider which are:

I. Population of people staying in that environment.

II. The number of people into the same business: These can affect your sale because they are other choice of for the consumers.

III. Location of business site:When sorting for were to locate your business try to make sure that it is located in a busy area were people easily pass through e.g roadside.

Provision store business are very easy common in Nigeria and they are easy to run they are also very profitable if the business site is well located.

3.Laundry/Dry cleaning business:

Many Nigerian especially the youth are fund of engaging in these type of business, they see it as the best juncture to make money, unlike other business the laundry business is very common in Nigeria although it is very stressful but it is also very profitable. These business demands a lot to run it as it will cost people who engage in it to buy items like Detergent, starch and all other cost to run these business.

Laundry business demands a lot of hard work to make profit as it needs to be managed by 2 to 3 people for division of labour to be well circulated.

For you to make profit in laundry business you need to be well experienced in this field you also need to be good at washing and ironing clothes. You can engage in laundry business if you wish.

4.Boutique Business:

This is another common business in Nigeria it is mostly practiced by the igbos, the boutique business has to do with buying different type of clothes in cheaper prices and selling them in a higher price to make profit, these business is also stressful as people who engage in it has to travel from one place to another in other to buy items for sale. Although the boutique business is very profitable but it demand experience and hard work to make these business a successful one.

The above businesses are very common in Nigeria and you can asso venture into any of them if you wish.