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Profitable Business For Higher Institution Students

Profitable Businesses For Students in Higher Institutions.

1) Laundry Business:

The average university in Nigeria for instance, has at least 4000 students. Out of these number of students, there’re usually at least 1,700 male students. Of this number of male students, 80% of them are usually very lazy to do their laundry, and so it piles up.

This problem gets even worse with private universities, and as such, cleaners and low-level staffs offer to help students do their laundry for a small fee.

Dry cleaners in colleges and universities have a very wide customer base, because of the students lackadaisical attitude towards doing their laundry. This poses a big laundry business opportunity for students and external individuals looking for a business idea to start up in a university.

A big business advantage would be for individuals that run same day dry cleaners. If students realise they can drop-off and pick-up the same day, they’d more likely patronise your laundry business. In America, coin laundry could work perfectly for students, but in Nigeria, a manual pick up and return is the way to go.

The laundry business is one of the most lucrative business ideas for college students in Nigeria, and many other places in the world.

2). Photography Business:

The number of professional student photographers are rising faster than ever. Many students go around their colleges and universities taking pictures of students, nature, objects, and almost anything just to perfect their crafts.

A well seasoned student photographer could go on to become a wedding photographer, model photographer, food photographer, and a few others. Some even delve into areas people rarely think about by going into newborn photography and portrait photography.

Running a photography business while still a college student, is a great way to make some money on the side. If you’re a really good creative wedding photographer, overtime as your reputation grows, you could earn as high as $1,000 (200,000 Naira) just to shoot a wedding in Nigeria. The fee is usually weigh higher in several other countries, and lower in some.

Perfect your photography skills, and you could as well be running one of the most lucrative business ideas for college students.

3). School Restaurant Business:

One of the places students flock the most after classes in an African or better still, Nigerian university, is one of the restaurants in the college. Students mostly prefer to eat-out, than to prepare their own meals. This makes them always troop into the nearest restaurant in their schools for a quick meal.

Starting a school restaurant business can be lucrative for any savvy individual. Rent a modest space in a frequented area of the university, then hire a cook and an attendant.

The unlimited demand for restaurants in colleges makes this one of the best business ideas for college students with weigh higher sums.

4). Internet Cafe Business:

With the high cost of monthly internet subscriptions coupled with the bad networks in Nigeria, students in schools located in very rural communities have real problems comfortably accessing the internet. While many wouldn’t mind dragging along with their slow mobile phone internet connections, when serious assignments and course works are to be submitted, they go scampering around looking for an internet/cyber cafe to use.

This may not be one of the most lucrative business ideas for college students, but it sure covers a need in local communities, and turns in some profits for the owners over time.

The more rural the community, the higher your chances have turning a higher profit.

5). Tutoring Services:

Tutoring centres in universities earn a good return from students looking to brush up their knowledge of their course works in Nigeria. Some students use classrooms in the universities for their private tutoring businesses.

Math tutoring for instance, can cover a wider tutoring demand in any college. Not many individuals are good in math, and so, math tutors tend to have a higher chance of reaping some returns from their tutoring services.

6). Hair Stylist Business:

No matter how stressful the week, or a few months may be, female and male students still end up having a hair cut or their hair dressed, at some point.

They do this at their favourite saloons, usually in the school premises or just outside the school. Setting up a hair stylist business in any university would create a recurring stream of revenues for any student.

Pick an affordable location in the school, and hire a barber and/or a hair dresser. Over time, students would get familiar with your saloon, and constantly patronise it.