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Things You Should Do If You Are Financially Broke

Things to do if you are Financially broke.

1. Look for help in the right place : first, when you are financially broke, the right thing to do is to go your creator. Let me back it up with this Bible verse that says, come to me all who that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest (when you are weary and exhausted about money) God says will are to come to him, not some temporary diversion that makes you ‘feel’ better for just a moment. It is good to spend time with God who is ready to solve your problems, not a few or some of your problem but all your problems. It is in this manner that God will send helpers to you.

2. Stop playing blame games :

In life most like playing blame games, what I simply means is that most people like to blame people for their failure in life. If you find yourself in the habit of blaming your spouse, your parents, your employer or your wife.

Here a quick Example, some will say if you hadn’t bought that new truck we wouldn’t in this mees.

Stop it! Even if it is someone else fault, all you need to do is to get over it, and move on.

3. Figure out why you don’t have any money : Let me ask you this question, are you spending more money than what you’ve got?

Have you been in the habit of spending today off money you expect to receive tomorrow?

Do you forget that expenses will always rise in order to meet income?

These are the reason why most people are in financial crisis.

Stop the habit of thinking things will change things will get better but rather figure out, why you don’t have any money.

4. Start doing something : Note that every day every moment every hour ever seconds you spend talking about how broke you are, is a sign that that you’re not doing something positive to solve your financial problems.

To start doing something is to pick up a paper route.

Turn your hobbies into a job

Find something to sell, trade, and swap

Learn to make jewelry and sell it at local fairs

Teach piano lessons if you are good at it

You can also help coach a local sporting team

Make meals for sell if you are good in cooking

Teach private swin lessons

You can also grow plant in your fanyard for sell

Think beyond your imagination and determine what you can leave without