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Risk You Must Take If You Want To Be Rich

The rich also have fear, the only thing is they do not allow it to stop them.

Believe me “Rich and successful people are not born, they are made”, either you’re rich or poor, both are the result of your actions.

According to research 80% of the richest and most successful people in the world today are born poor, and they built their wealth from scratch.

Consigning that, there are common traits among the rich and successful, which includes the act of taking risks.

I’ll be sharing with you some of the risks rich people do take which year can also emulate to be successful.


For you to be successful in life you need to come out of your comfort zone, coming out of your comfort zone, is not as easy as you just read it, because you need a lot of courage to dear it.

Leaving your comfort zone is like an adventure into the forest, you’ll get across so many challenges but the more you face it, the more you grow.

I dear you get out of your comfort zone today and start that business.


The only thing we see in rich and successful entrepreneurs are the freedom and wealth, but we never considered the amount of failure and rejection that they have to endure before they got there. In the book “failing forward” it was explained that the more you fail the more you get closer to your goals, because failure shows you the way not to do something, and the more you know the way things should not be done the more you have insight on how it should be done. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 time before he invented the light bulb, Steve courage failed in the business world for over 8 years and so is other successful entrepreneurs, but the general trait among them is, they never give up.


You see for you to achieve significant success, you have go against the crowd, this means doing what everyone you know are not doing, and this always makes the journey to success a lonely one.

It’s is said that entrepreneurs are lone rangers because they always find themselves alone in their battles, it’s not easy to find someone to believe in you when you think big.

Remember “If you’re not losing friends, you are not progressing”


Before a Gold shine it has to pass through fire, before you can achieve any significant success, you have to go through hard times and you must learn to adapt to the hard times, this will make you to endure easily and never give up.

Consider an Opera Hub Creator as an example, before you can be successful as a creator on Opera, you’ll be faced with lots of challenges like rejection and low impression, indeed the journey is not easy at the start, but if you get the right motivation and adapt to the challenges, you’ll keep doing it till you succeed.


This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve success with a partner in your life, what I’m saying is that you must avoid toxic relationships, you must never date someone with a poor mindset or less serious person.

It’s better to stay single than to date someone who’s is not serious about life.


This is like saying you’re climbing a mountain and you later discovered that you’re climbing the wrong mountain, you’ll need to climb down and restart again.

Same thing in the journey of success, you’ll are prone to make a mistake which will you requires you start your journey all over again, example you’ve been selling a product for years and later discovered it’s not what the people want, you’ll have to start again and start selling what they want.

This has been a big issue for so many people in life, because they are afraid of starting again or afraid of even taking the first step to try, because they’re thinking what if it’s the wrong mountain to climb.

If you really desire success, you must learn how to always look deep into your journey and restart if necessary.


There may be a time in your journey which you’ll need to approach people for financial assistance, and majority of them might reject you and you’ll be hurt and disappointed, but you never let that feeling discourage you from trying again and again.

This is also an obstacle to some people success in life, they often feel to ashamed to approach people for help or raise.

It’s advisable you read books about negotiation and networking, so you can build yourself on how to approach people.


This is most powerful trait in all successful people, this means you focus on one activity till you succeed.

A dullard who is persistent is more guaranteed to succeed than a brilliant person who give up easily.

For to be successful in life, you must be ready to focus on one activity without looking left or right till you succeed.

Many people are poor today because they jump from pillar to polls, they start blogging this year and jump to forex next year and jump to vlog the following year, all because they fail to understand that they have to stick on a particular activity for long time till they succeed.

Always remember this eight points every day of your life.