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Manufacturing Business Ideas You Can Start in Your House

Manufacturing Business Ideas You Can Start In Your House
Manufacturing Business Ideas You Can Start In Your House.

The manufacturing business is one of the most profitable and less competitive sector of the economy. Most people think starting a manufacturing business requires a huge amount of capital, but in this post I will be showing you eight manufacturing businesses you can start in your house and with less than #100,000 thousand.

1. Ice block production

Ice block production business involves the use of deep freezers to make ice blocks and sell. The business is very easy to start up and also easy to run. All you have to do is to take clean water package them either using polythene or plastic containers, put them in the deep freezer bring the out and start selling.

This business strives well in places that has poor electricity and also a hustling and bustling environment that is well populated. All you need to start this business is simple; a deep freezer,generator and a packaging bag.

This business do not require you to have a shop because you can start from your own kitchen.

2. Soap making business

Soap is one of the essential commodities every household must have. It is used for washing clothes, plates and also for bathing. Starting a soap making business do not require a large capital and also the are no special equipments needed. With #50,000 naria you can start your own soap making business in your house.

3. Liquid soap production

Liquid soap production business can also be started on a small scale. If fact you can start with less than #10,000 thousand naria. All you need to do is to make sure your liquid soap has a good scent and foames well. With this your business is already successful. In liquid soap production you don’t need to bother about packaging because you can use bottle water containers for packaging.

4. Candle production

Starting a candle manufacturing business is a very profitable business you can start in Nigeria, due to the fact that not every household has access to electricity. Many house hold now rely on candle as their primary source of light. To start this business all you need is the ingredients and the candle mould which are not expensive and you can start operation in your backyard with your stove.

5.Custard production

Custard is just an English version of paper. It is one of the most popular food in Nigeria today and Africa at large, most people even prefer custard than pay. So starting up a custard producing business is one of the most profitable business you can start and also you can start it with less than #60,000 thousand naria.

6. Production of fruit juice

The production of fruit juice is one of the most profitable business you can venture into in Nigeria. Today according to statistics about 500 million naria is spent on the buying and consuming of fruit juice. So if you are looking for a very profitable manufacturing business to venture into, then start producing fruit juice. Starting a fruit juice production company is easy as preparing pap because the only required material is a sealing machine and also a blender. With about #100,000 you can start producing in your kitchen.

7. Shoe and sandals making

Sandals making business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. That you can start with less than #30,000 thousand naria. All you need is just the passion and skills to start. You can either create the sandals your self or employ someone to make it for you.

8. Biscuit Making

Biscuits making business is a very lucrative and less competitive business you can start from your house. To start a biscuit making business first you must be a baker. The business requires a little capital to start up and usually grows fast. All you need are just oven, slicer,dough mixer and baking pans.

9. Air Freshener production

Producing air fresheners are very cheap and easy to do. The business is very lucrative and also the competition is very low. So to start an air freshener production business you must first know how to produce air fresheners. You can either choose to produce the one kept in cars or the one sprayed in homes. No matter which one you choose to do the start up cost is very little and there is no special equipment needed.