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Internet Jobs You Can Do Instead Of "Yahoo"

Our young ones, most often the youths are now so much engaged into this crime they call ‘Yahoo’, thinking its actually normal. This has gotten to a extent where most of them no says that all they are doing, is to get back their forefathers money from the whites.
Yahoo as of then, used to be something most people hide to do secretly. But of recent, reverse is the case, where people now boldly comes out to speak beating their chest that they are Yahoo guys. Some even do used to sing it to the public.

This is now growing very rapidly, already becoming a problem in Nigeria.

The good News here, is that you shall learn about some other jobs to do for a living even online. Below are some of them;

1. Fiverr
This is a platform that pays writer to sell their articles out.

Writers could also be hired by people in this website. And by just writing from home, you can earn you cool cash. Just visit: and sign up there as a freelancer.

2. Educatenaija

Educatenaija is a new platform that started recently and is having over 600 members. Educatenaija is a genuine and unique project from a great CEO Joseph Edeoghogho Onavbavba popularly know as Standard. The CEO is ready make things happen again and even better. Leverage on this opportunity and be part of the people to partake in the first payout.

3. Opera News
It’s still very sure, that most people do not know they could actually make money on opera news.

All you need to do, is to publish an informative article on this website. You can also visit; to sign up