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If You Have No Money Try This

If You Are Still Struggling Financially, This One Thing Can Help You To Be Stable.  When you get paid, expenses just surfaces from no where and you have nothing to show fof the

If You Are Still Struggling Financially, This One Thing Can Help You To Be Stable.

When you get paid, expenses just surfaces from no where and you have nothing to show fof the month’s work, when you hustle and a certain amount enter your bank account, you just stumble into a big problem and the money is gone, something is wrong.

Most times, you get a new job and even the pay is not up to expectation and you find yourself struggling months after months, living paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, something has really gone wrong. A month or two after you got the job, things went bad in the company and you were dismissed in a short time with nothing to show for it, . You now realize you are back to square one, begging for money to survive for a day or two,there’s really a problem.

Some people’s situation are so bad that to eat once a day is really terrible and it looks as if ground should just swallow you because the hardship you find yourself. It got to a stage where it’s beginning to bring shame to you, there’s really a problem and it’s not what the human eyes can see, something is wrong. There was years back when l tried to submit my CV anywhere and all l get is rejection and no one to favour me, l knew something was really wrong.

There was a time thing was really hard for me as if money was not able to stay in my hands. Things just became faulty and had to struggle to hustle and pay off. Sometimes, my phone just fell from my hands and the screen went blank. There was also time my phones got stolen from me, it left me in a deep financial mess and then l realize something was wrong and l came across a mystery to stop this devourer in my life. Anytime this devourer come like a wind, l quickly know something was wrong and had to do this one thing to end the financial struggling. You notice there’s a rage around your finance that affects your family, affects you in work place, in the environment and many more. You need to do this one thing.

Take a large denomination(N1,000), change it to the smallest denomination(N20), go to the gathering of beggars and start sharing it among them and as they pray for you always say “AMEN“. You can do it once or twice a month or even once in two to three month, with time, things will begin to fall into place for you. l have tried it times without numbers and it has worked for me and still does. It ends financial struggling and people just starts helping me or giving me back in abundance. Before l say jack Robinson the hardship just cease.

If you are spiritual person, you can go to your place of worship, put an amount in envelop based on your financial capacity and give to the leader in the church and listen to the person pray for you. After that, walk away and go with a positive mind of it is done. Surely, you will see it’s effect on your finance. Do it once things are hard for you or you are struggling or things don’t seem to work out for you. With whatever you have, it will make the rage cease and things. l have tried it times and again and l still do it and it’s still works. Do it and make the financial rage cease.


lt does not purposely mean you are poor or broke but can be doing well and experiencing financial struggle that is creating unplanned expenses for you. Some even led to debt for you. Anytime you solve one, another surfaces then you need to chase the devourer away.