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How To Venture Into Snail Farming With Little or No Money

I’ve been observing and reading some very informative and intelligent articles about snail farming and all the necessary details in making it a profitable venture. But have been considering those with little or no funds to go into the business, due to the present economic down-turn.

This article is meant to share my with you how I acquire snails within my neighbourhood, spending just little in the process.

You must have read about snail breeds from many reputable sources, but for the sake of those that haven’t, here is brief details of snail types you could invest in;

* Archachatina Maginata:

Length: 13cm – 20cm

Size: Big

Weight: 150g – 800g

Production Capacity: 5 – 15 eggs, 4 – 8 times a year

Shell Colour: Mix of black, brown and white

Skin Colour: Dark grey or dim white

* Archatina Achatina:

Length: 10cm – 14cm long

Size: Medium

Weight: 100g – 350g

Production Capacity: 100 – 500 eggs, 1 or 2 times per year.

Skin Colour: Silver-brown

Shell colour: Wavy black and brown streaks

* Achinata Fulica:

Length: 5cm – 10cm

Size: Small

Weight: 32g

Production Capacity: 100 – 450 eggs, 4 – 6 times in a year.

Shell Colour: Dark brown

Skin Colour: Brown

Type of sail pens you can construct should be any of these:

* The Tyre Pen

* The Wooden Box Pen

Now considering those that totally down financially, but desire to go into snail farming, these tips below will be very helpful:

* Note: Achieving a cost effective way to invest in snail farming is if you have access to a near by bushes, enough food remnants, and old disposable furniture pieces and tyres to reconstruct as pen.

Let’s now go into details of how you can use what you have to venture into the snail farming business;

1. Snail Pen: You can make use of furniture waste and wooden parts by converting them to snail pen. You could use the service of a carpenter, if you can’t do it yourself.

You can also convert used old used tyres gotten from the vulcanisers, about 3 or 4 medium to big sizes as snail pen by placing them on top of each other as shown above.

2. Acquiring The Snails: The best snails to use are the natural breeds which can be gotten from their natural habitat, bush. If you have access to nearby bushes, you can spread spread any of the food snails love eating on a particular spot in the bush where you can easily access, like; any of the items mentioned in number 3 below.

These feeds should be placed between 5pm to 6:30pm. At about 8pm to 9pm, you can go back to pick the snail you need.

You can repeat the process once in a while to restock your pen or for personal consumption.

3. Snail Feeds: Snails grows bigger and healthier when feed with feeds like; Cocoyam tubers, Pawpaw leaves, Pear, Banana leaves, Water Melon, Sweet potatoes, Egg shells, Soybeans, Pineapples and Oranges. You can source most of these through home food And fruits remnants, nearby markets or farms.

4. Pest And Insect Prevention: Snail can be threatened by insects and pest, like ants, birds, and snakes. The cost effective way to prevent and control attack is through the use of used engine oil. This can be gotten when you change your generator oil or from the mechanics.

It should be applied around the base of the snail pen to prevent attack from insects and pests.

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