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How To Start Powder Milk Business At Home

Milk is one of the oldest source of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and protein. Researchs have shown that consuming 3 cups of milk per day is also counted as an healthy diet.

Apart from being taken as beverage, it is also a drug in disguise, it prevents heart dieaeases, stroke and high blood pressure. It also helps in muscle building and preventing osteoarthritis (knee diesease).


• Double boiler

Note: if you don’t have a double boiler, you can improvise by using 2 Containers, a big one and a small one. Fill the big one with water and place the small one on it.

• Gas cooker or stove

• Pan

• Oven

• Blender

• Small wooden spoon or turning stick


• Fresh cow milk or goat milk


• Step 1: Clean the double boiler

• Step 2: Pour the fresh milk into the double boiler

• Step 3: Place it on a stove or gas cooker, make sure the heat supplied to the boiler is not too much

• Step 4: Once the milk starts boiling, stir it consistently with the turning stick (don’t let the turning stick touch the bottom of the pot)

• Step 5: Stir from time to time till the milk looks creamy and a little bit thick

• Step 6: Preheat your oven to 150f

• Step 7: Pour the creamy milk on a pan

• Step 8: Place it in the oven

• Step 9: Open the oven slightly so that water vapour can released from the milk

• Step 10: Watch the milk from time to time until it looks dry and flaky

• Step 11: Crumble it into powder

• Step 12: Seal in an airtight bag


For those that may ask about the expiring date, it has non as long as you place it in an airtight container and keep it away from any form of moisture.

You may package in small Muslin bags or plastic containers and sell at your desired price.