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10 Lucrative Business You Can Start With 5,000 Naira

10 Lucrative Business You Can Start With 5k.

Through this lock down, people are getting bored and running out of money but did you know that there are a lot of profitable businesses you can start with just 5k? Yes, just read on.

1: Cloth selling

There are many clothes you can buy for cheap prices and resell them. The most popular is ‘okrika’. They are cloths that are imported from other countries. Many Nigerians were these cloths but you might not know because they were properly taking care of after buying them. You just need to buy them from popular markets and resell them where you are living. Did you know that doing this business can generate you lots of money? I have been doing this business for about 1 year now and I’m not regretting it because it’s profitable. You just have to target the right audience to sell it to.

2: Selling of sachet water or bottle water

As simple as this may sound, selling sachet water or bottle water can generate you a lot of money. You don’t need much to start this business, you just have to buy the amount you want to start with from a retailer or wholesaler, but I will recommend a wholesaler because a wholesaler sells at a cheaper rate than retailers.

3: Egg business

Did you know that chicken business is not as cost as you think? You can start one with as low as ₦5000. Start by buying chicks but make sure the females are more than the males. Since you are starting with only ₦5000, the chicks would not be much so your profit might not be much. However, if you have the money, you can put in more to gain more profit. You will also need to feed them with food. You can buy their feeds or you can also feed them with grains of rice and other things.

4: Chicken business

Yes, chicken business generates enough money if you have what it takes to start it. If you want to start a chicken business with ₦5000, you should already have a cage or anything that can serve as shelter for the chicks. It must not necessary be a cage, there are other things you can use to keep your chicks. There are foods in the market specifically for chickens, you can get them. You can also serve leftover foods like rice, garri or anything that suits your chicken.

5: Fish

For this business, you should have a fish pond. Your can make your fish pond if you know how to. There are no special techniques to do it but you can also pay someone else to do it for you. The most popular fish that can be trained in a fish pond is a catfish. When making your fish pond, you have to make sure it is in a safe place.

There was a time when my friend told me that her fishes were stolen. Having a fence won’t do you any good. They can climb up the fence unless your fence is properly surrounded with spikes or electric wires. This can be very painful that’s why I’ll advice you to set your fish pond in a safe place.

6: Phone accessories

Everyday, people are in need of one phone accessory or the other. Chargers and earpieces easily get spoilt due to improper manufacturing. You can imagine the money you’ll make if you stay up this business, you’ll get enough money if you find the right audience. I’ll recommend setting your shop at a busy place where people carry out different activities.

7: Setting up a restaurant

If you know how to cook then go for it. Everyday, people go to work and are hungry because they can’t always take food to their office. The unmarried men that might not have enough time to cook their food can also buy from you. Did you know that some universities don’t allow their students to cook? Even if they do, there are still students that will not have the time to cook due to one assignment or the other. You can try this business and see how it will generate income for you.

8: Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning business does not require much capital to start. You can start at your home and later move on to another place of you want. You can get a washing machine for your business and you can also choose not to, it all depends on you. But know that of you don’t get a washing machine, it will drain much of your energy and time.

9: Iced block production

If you are in Nigeria, you will agree with me that the electricity is poor in some places. Many shops buy iced blocks to keep their business going because people find cold drinks attractive. If you already have a generator and a freezer, this business won’t require much. You only need money to refill your generator.

10: Selling snacks

At one point in time of our lives, we’ve bought one snack or the other. You might have eaten at home but still feel a little bit hungry or you just want to have a taste of your favourite snack. Starting up a snack business might not cost you much as you only need a little money to be able to start up the business.