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How to Earn Extra Money as a Student

There are lots of reasons to earn extra money as a student while in the University or College, some of these reasons are; to buy Handouts, Textbooks, and Materials for study, your allowances are not enough for you to buy some of your needs, you don’t want to get insulted from your fellow students when soliciting for Money or you want to club or enjoy a fun-full life while in school. If these and many more are your reasons, then it high time find a means to earn extra money while in school.

Judging from the above, the main question is “how can one earn extra money as a student in the country?” as no one is ready teach or open up to anybody. In lieu to this, this article will entail steps and secrets on how you can start to earn extra money either online or offline as a student.

How to Start

To earn extra money shouldn’t be that difficult, all you need as a student is the idea, willingness and self-esteem. Below are few list of side hustle that one can start as a student and earn extra money. You don’t need to do them all, as you only need to select one or two that goes along with you and implement.


Data reselling business is one of the lucrative way you can earn money as a student, you can make more than 1000 naira daily and the best part is you don’t need any special skills to make money with data reselling be it Mtn, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile. As a student you can earn enough money from this business in as much as you have a huge number of customers.

The business doesn’t require much profit to start; you can even use other student’s Money to begin buying and selling. All you need do is to buy data from a dealer, then you resell to other students in your hostel and class as well as other departments.

There is a whole lot of money in this business as a student, imagine buying a 2GB of Glo data at #920 and selling it for a student at #1,000. This will give you a profit of #80. Let’s say you now have over 60 students patronizing you daily, you know how much that will be daily.


Every ladies want to look good and attractive and as such they go extra miles and spend so much to attain this goal. The hair is one of the major parts of the body that can either bring out ones beauty or hide it. A lot of ladies are very particular about what hairstyle they make and how well it is made, but not all of them have the money to waste on such hairstyle. This is the part where you comes it, if you can beat down the price and offer your services to them at a cheaper fee, then you can earn extra money as a female student in your hostel without renting a shop.


As a lady, if you know how to plait hairs, then this an avenue for you to earn extra money while studying. To spice things up, you can as well add other skills like weave-on, manicure and pedicure. All you need is to find a way to make other students aware of your business, either by making signboards or by words of mouth, you can also ask friends to inform their other friends and colleagues. Another means of creating awareness is by you hand work. If your work is really good, it would advertise for you as people seeing such nice hairdo would want to inquire about where it was made and also get theirs made there.


This aspect is one of the lucrative way to earn extra money as a student, once you can keep your ego to yourself and focused on the task at hand. Though this might take much of your time, as most students would sent you to do what they didn’t have the strength, expertise, and willingness to do, such as writing their notes, doing their assignments, going to the market, print documents, washing their clothes, assisting them in writing class attendance, cooking for them etc.,


All they want is for someone to solve the tasks for them and get paid immediately. If you see the opportunity in doing this to earn extra money as a student, then jump into it immediately. To get started, what you need is to think of the type of errands you can run for the fellow students. Then publicize the business to let other students know the services you offer, by telling your classmates, print flyers and share for other students etc. Once you are hardworking and dedicated to the job, you’ll achieve it.


Blogging is one of the easiest ways to earn money as a student especially during this pandemic. Unlike any other job, as a blogger you don’t need to work 9-5. You can work at any time of the day with ease. To start blogging and earn money you’ll need to choose niche, though this can often be confusing at times, all you have to do is to pick a niche that is related to something you have experience and passion about.

All after that you’ll need to host your blog, some of the reliable hosting companies that you can purchase your hosting from are godaddy, namecheap, domainking, bluehost, hostgator etc. Currently, am using domainking and I can as well recommend their services to anyone. Then registering your domain name, you can read my article on how to choose a catchy domain name for easy guide.

Next is to choose a blogging platform of your choice: there are few blogging platform you can choose and start your blogging journey from which are WordPress, blogger, wix etc. presently am using WordPress because it’s easy to navigate for newbies. Read how to setup a WordPress blog in 5 mins for steps to take. Then you design your site, and all after that you start writing your contents. Always make sure your contents are unique and original so as to keep your audience coming back for more.

How to monetize your blog:

To start earning money from your blog as a student, all you need is good amount of traffic, once you start getting good amount of traffic to your blog you can allow ads placement on your blog from any individuals or companies to place adverts for a token. Some of such company include Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Propeller ads etc. This can help you earn extra money quickly online as a student.

Another means is by affiliate marketing, as this is the act of promoting someone or a company’s products or services to get a percentage of commission from every sales you make through your affiliate link or banner ads. Just sign up and start promoting products for some of the big company such as AliExpress, Amazon, Jumia, konga, Clickbank, JVZoo etc.


Just like plaiting hair, barbing hair is another lucrative business that you can earn extra money from. Imagine making close to #20,000 monthly just by barbing other student’s hair in the hostel. Some of students can’t afford the high prices from a standard barbing saloon outside the school campus, all you have to do is to charge a lesser fee than the salons outside and they will patronize you.


To get started, all you need is a few skills and technique, then acquire a new clipper which is about #4,000 on Jumia and start earning your money. Most of the students won’t complain because that is why your price is low in the first place. So get out there and start earning extra money today from your fellow students.


This is a very profitable business in which you can earn extra money from, since students in higher institutions are lovers of gadgets and cannot do without internet, as such there are high demands for Mobile Phones and Laptop. It is an unavoidable fact that these gadgets do breakdown and people want to get them repaired, but often end up taking it back to wherever they purchased it or have it returned back to the manufacturing company before getting it done.

As a student with the skill to repair phones and laptops in your campuses, you shouldn’t think hard on how to start your own business and make extra money. You don’t need to get a shop to start fixing the phone and laptops for students as you can start in your hostel in other to concentrate on your studies.


To get started, create a means of publication by letting other students know the services you offer, also by telling your classmates, print flyers and share for other students and as well create awareness on social medial groups such as Facebook and WhatsApp. You can as well repair for a few friends free of charge.


If you are the kind that is good at tutoring or have knowledge in specialized areas? Then this is one of the hot way to earn extra money by teaching other students in the campus. Basically, most brilliant students use this means to earn extra money while still in school. The strategies are simple, and you don’t need any investment or capital to start making money through this means. All you have to do is to let your coursemates know the subjects that you’re versatile with.

You as well can decide to start teaching students in lower levels on difficult subjects you have excellent expertise in handling and charge them as cheaper fee.


Writing books online is another creative way of earn extra money as a student in the campus. If you’re a creative writer, all you need to do is to held to Okadabooks which is one of the leading platforms in Nigeria that helps shelving and showcasing your books for sell. Okadabooks is the Nigerian Amazon kindle store for self publishes creative writers. All you need do is to write your best stories (fiction or nonfiction) and upload the epub version to them for publishing. By doing this you’re one step from making money online.

You can also published on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords once you have the writing abilities, it is safe to say that your best shot of making Money is from Amazon kindle publishing. This is one of the profitable ways to earn extra money in dollars while still studying, as Amazon kindle allows you to write on books and publish them without paying anybody for publishing.


This is a lucrative way to earn extra money as a student especially the females as this skill has turned into a gold mine lately. If you offer professional Make-up and Gele Tying services you definitely be making really good money to your pocket. The city being the upbeat place, there is always Partying almost every day especially the weekends.


All you need is to get your makeup kits and as well download some videos from YouTube to give you more knowledge of need concept you can introduced to your fellow students or customers to beat up the competitive market.

Meanwhile, after listing all these businesses above, one thing you should bear in mind is that for any business to thrive, you must be able to sell your services or products. Even as a student, you must be able to convince your fellow students to patronize your services as well as product. That is the only means you can thrive as a student and earn extra money in any business you ventured into, either from the one outlined in this post or any other one in the country. Kindly visit Wealthy Cafe for more article on how to earn passive money as student or fresh graduate.

Hope you found the post useful and comprehensive!! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to share!