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20 Small Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With Little Or No Capital

The reality is striking, and more and more people, young and old, will now know how to start a business to leave the comfort of paid places.

Over 4 million Nigerians lost their jobs in 2017, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics. Many more had jobs they wished they did not have - they were unemployed and many more who had jobs were not paid for most of the year.

This situation along with degenerative macroeconomic conditions has become an important driving force for many people who want to start their own businesses.

This post tries to answer these questions by highlighting some small businesses that anyone can easily implement, even with small capital. With as little investment as N50,000, many of the companies discussed here can get started.

But before we move on, let me diverge a bit and add that regardless of the scope, starting a business requires careful planning of the successes to be achieved.

Here are 20 small businesses in Nigeria You can start with a little capital

The small businesses we identify here are scalable, meaning you can operate at levels your immediate financial capacity can be transferred and then grow on a larger scale as you move forward and make more money.

# 1 Sale of beverages and water

Everyone drinks water, and almost everyone drinks soft drinks, often called soft drinks in Nigeria. Your market is many retail stores in your locality, restaurants, bars, mini fast food outlets and individuals who buy cash registers and packages for home consumption.

To be able to carry out this business, you need to have a regular source of supply. In this regard, you will develop a relationship with distributors and wholesalers that will provide you with discounted beverages and water; you supply directly to these dealers identified above with a certain margin.

The more quantities you are able to deliver, the more profits you will earn.

To start this business you need a basket, some empty boxes and money to buy drinks. When you develop good relationships with distributors, you can have access to credit. If you already have a car, you can turn it into your van. There are various drinks that can be delivered. Conduct your market research for your area to know which people are buying the most and focus on them.

# 2 Delivery and distribution of bread

People eat bread every day all year round. The demand for bread is so high that a number of them have hit the market. You can do this business by identifying a good oven to buy and sell to retailers. All you need is a vehicle that you can distribute your bread to and then create a market with shops and supermarket owners scattered around you. You can start this business with less than N100,000 if you already have a personal car and scale once you have managed to set up a large number of retailers that you supply to. If you do not have a car at the moment, do not worry. You can start hiring a vehicle to deliver your bread and get a van once you have increased the financial capacity.

# 3 Egg supply and distribution

Eggs are a rich source of protein and are eaten all over the world. In addition to its dietary needs, eggs are used to make many products such as cakes, cosmetics, soaps, hair conditioners, shampoos, glues and face masks among many others. Egg uses are so numerous that supply is not enough to meet demand.

Egg Supply is a business that can start small and grow into a big business. If you want to get into this business, the first thing you need to do is identify poultry farms that produce high quality eggs and / or large egg distributors. You buy from these farms or distributors and supply to retail stores, supermarkets, fastfill collections, bakeries and even household. Then develop a network of buyers that are many and varied around your neighborhood. What you need to succeed in this business are empty egg boxes and a grocery store. Minus van, you can start this business with less than N100,000. If you already have a vehicle, you can enter this store immediately, but if you do not have a vehicle, you can still start using a shopping cart to deliver your goods and later get a vehicle for You can still start by using a cart to deliver your goods and later buy a used vehicle.

Blogging # 4

If you can write or have the ability to learn to write, you can start a blog in a place of your interest. Blogging has become a great way to start an online business. It is popular and lucrative if you get it right and what more can you start with little or no capital.

All you need is internet access, good research skills, a laptop and lots of time. In fact, your most important and perhaps most expensive investment in a blogging career may be your time. Create a free blog with wordpress or blogger.

Or if you have money, put your blog on the host server itself. Populate it with quality content, let people read your content (generate traffic), gain their self-confidence and make money on your google adsense blog, display ads, affiliate marketing or sell information products like e-books, etc.

Blogging has made a lot of young Nigerian millionaires, but it's not as easy as it sounds, nothing good gets easy. If you are willing to learn, spend time, work hard and be patient, blogs will make you rich.

# 5 Selling Mobile Phone Accessories

This is a very lucrative business that you can start with small capital. With as little as N50,000 you are in business.

Even if you manage well by renting a place if you have money, even this business can be done on a mobile basis, i.e. by transporting your products to places where they are needed. In this case, first identify your market and feed them their needs.

What drives this business is the rapidly increasing use of mobile phones in Nigeria. Nigeria has an estimated population of 180 million people. Over 160 million of this population is connected through the mobile phone line.

A separate study showed that most Nigerians have dual phones, despite the influx of dual SIM phones.

Common on-demand accessories include batteries, memory cards, battery chargers, eyelids, screen protectors, bags, and more. You can get your supplies from Computer Village in Lagos or online through many online stores. Business accessories for phones are a safe way to access online imports.

# 6 Cell Phone Repairs

The phone repair company will bring you good money if you are patient when learning to repair and maintain cell phones. With less than N50,000, you can start a phone repair and maintenance business from the corner of your home. All you need to get started is a little training, a laptop, software tools, some common household tools (screwdriver, soldering iron, brush, battery controller, etc.) and some marketing to make them known. people what you are doing. You will also need to develop a good relationship with high quality accessory dealers. With less than N5,000, you can buy a repair kit from reputable e-commerce stores that pay with Naira business cards and debit boxes.

# 7 Cleaning and dry cleaning service

This is again one of the small businesses that will continue to thrive for a very long time to come.

As men become busier and more women take up work or business to help the family, the demand for dry cleaner service will continue to grow.

This business has turned some smart people into millionaires and the good thing is that you can start very young even from home. All you need is a washing machine, press table, good quality press iron, sink and conveyor belt for laundry.

You can start by serving your neighborhood, your co-workers in the workplace, and other working-class people. Differentiate yourself by making home deliveries and pickups, especially for the people in your business

# 8 Production and Sale of Plantainchips

You’ve seen it everywhere; fragile snack made from plantain leaves. Falcons sell it in traffic and along highways, but what you may not know is that it is a big business to make money for those who produce it. You do not have to be UAC or Leventis Food to participate in the plan chips. A small planetary chip company with an initial investment of e.g. N50,000 is able to turn N10,000 into profit every day.

You can do this business from your kitchen at a small cost to print your branded package. You will need to get training from someone who already runs the business, learn a recipe and develop a supply chain for both your raw materials (plantain leaves) and finished products.

# 9 Ice Block Production and Sales

Nigeria is located in the tropical climate with abundant sunlight and heat. The weather is mostly warm and people always need cold refreshing water to drink and keep their systems hydrated.

Unfortunately, the power supply is very poor, making it difficult for homes to maintain an adequate supply of cold water in their refrigerators. This is what makes the production of ice block a business that spins money to make. People require ice cubes to keep water and drink cold. It is necessary at all times, especially during the hot season, which is experienced around 300 days out of 365 days of the year in Africa.

Your market includes household items in your neighborhood, shops, restaurants, and bars that must contain frozen cold beverages at all times.

Party organizers also make up your market and it happens every weekend in the cities. The beauty of this business is that you can start small with what you already have. If you have a deep freezer and a medium sized generator, you are good to go. While making money, you can scale by mastering the ice block making machine.

# 10 Liquid soap production

The market for liquid soap is so large that established brands do not meet the demand. It is a product that every family needs and as the population grows, it will also be in demand.

If you look around, you will find homemade liquid soaps with no brand at all, packed in used plastic bottles sold between N50 and N100. With a small investment, you can earn just as much money to manufacture liquid soap and by selling it in supermarkets and other retail stores to end users, restaurants, bakeries, hoteliers and homeowners.

You may need to get an education available at business centers run by churches, governments, and non-governmental organizations. Create a big market by calling it big packaging and you will smile at the bank.

# 11 Car wash

Car wash service has been one of the most popular small businesses in Nigeria for a long time.

The reason is that the need for car washing will still increase and anyone can do this business regardless of age.

With a little more capital, you can start a washing machine that appeals to individuals with upward movements by placing a TV-decorated seating area where your client sits while their cars are washed.

You can turn it into a multiple revenue stream business if you have the space by adding selling drinks, shawama, etc. to the sitting area. The critical things needed for a car wash business are rental space, water fountain and washing machine.

# 12 Rental service

People always need things they do not have. Some of the things you can stock for rent include chairs, canopies, vacuum cleaners, cutlery, kitchen utensils, music boxes, ladders and more. The list is endless. Once you are known for being engaged in this business in your environment, you may not be able to meet the demand.

If you have an interesting selection of expensive equipment or devices, you can consider using them for a low-income business by hiring them on an hourly basis. If the business is going well, you can add more items while discovering what people like to hire. Prepare a leaflet, advertise in the local newspaper or use social media to advertise your services.

#13 Mini Importation

The Internet has redefined commerce and commerce. Many people have hit gold by importing goods online through e-commerce sites like Alibaba, Aliexperess DHgate, global resources, etc. With less than N100,000 NV you can start this business.

What you need to do is identify the little things for the people you need; search these trading venues, find a purchasing agent who will buy the goods and ship them to you, sell them locally and get your profits.

Even with the declining value of Naira, the people involved in this business still smiled at the bank. Items that you can import and very different and can include: accessories for mobile phones, cosmetics, fashion items, etc.

# 14 Information Marketing

This is another internet based business that has lifted people out of poverty in Nigeria. Do you know something that people do not know, or know something that other people know but that they might present it differently or know someone who knows something that others may not know?

You may be on your way to making money by packing information in the form of a report, e-book, video or audio and selling online.

The market is massive and the opportunities are still growing. You do not have to write to them as there are many resources online to help you. You can transfer writing resources to, purchase master resale rights or private label rights books, rewrite and re-indicate your choice, and sell.

Selling information-based products is what I call the money tree business because if done correctly, it is capable of becoming your money tree that constantly bears fruit for life.

# 15 Affiliate Marketing

This lucrative opportunity to make money online, anyone can start with little or no investment. An affiliate marketer is someone who helps companies or individuals sell their products and earn commissions.

The products you can sell online here can be digital products or physical products. You can sign up with as many affiliate programs as you can manage and use your member links to market your products through social media or by creating dedicated websites. Many people in Nigeria have become millionaires through affiliate programs.

# 16 Website design and maintenance

Many businesses, large and small, go online. Many individuals with high network dignity, such as politicians, business leaders, and successful business people, now use online tools, such as websites, to promote their individual brands and personalities. This trend has increased the demand for website designers.

If you learn how to use common design tools and create great websites, you are in good business. To be successful, you need to know how to create a professional website, create web graphics, create web pages and upload web pages to the server.

Other qualifications you need include domain name registration and how hosting services work. Once you get the capacity, you can add domain name registration and retention to your service bouquet.

# 17 Social media marketing

Social media has become an important tool that can promote not only the visibility of corporations, but also their profitability. It is becoming increasingly the first choice of tool that companies use to inform, persuade, educate and promote their products and services.

In fact, some forward-thinking companies now have social media strategies as a full-service feature of their organization, while others transfer this service.

Therefore, there is a growing need for people with social media marketing strategies and developmental skills.

Take advantage of this development to learn tricks using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online forums and blogs to sell goods and services and offer this to many individuals and business organizations, including small businesses (SMEs) who want to take advantage of opportunities offered by digital marketing.

# 18 Big Business Cart / Food Mobile

Food is one of the main needs of man. Whatever the condition of a man, he must eat. As a result, the food business will always be profitable. You can get into the food business by selling mobile food.

The key to success here is to distinguish yourself by choosing a unique menu, a niche and a market segment. You can not be everything to everyone. Choose your market carefully where the return is highest.

For example, you can choose to serve employees in large organizations such as banks, oil and gas companies and multinational organizations and establish a relationship with their human resources departments so that you can bring your own food when launching them or within a set time of day.

You can add specialty food delivery to the busy director as part of your service.

# 19 Sports Agency

Sports betting has become a goldmine in Nigeria as young people and seniors take advantage of their love of football to make money while enjoying the round leather game. This also explains why there is an increase in sports betting companies (bookmakers).

These sports betting companies may not be everywhere and that is why they need agents who deal directly with players.

You need a pleasant environment for an office (a store will do), a generator, a computer, a printer, an internet connection, and an inventory forum. Then sign an agency agreement with your chosen bookseller.

In some companies, you make money in three ways, namely board games, virtual games and deposits, which you earn on behalf of your customers. With N250,000 you can be confident in this business and start smiling at the bank.

# 20 View Center

This business will continue to be good as long as the football game continues to evolve and the amount of football fans continues to exist. What adds to the joy of watching football matches in care centers is the debate that has to go with fans of the opposing teams, even if it sometimes gets bad.

You can make serious money by setting up football monitoring centers in your neighborhood. All you need is a space that can be cut from your home, or you can operate from a rental store, a TV (the large screen serves the purpose best), the DSTV decoder and the premium bouquet subscription, a chair generator and good lighting.

Also make sure that the environment is well ventilated. Since matches are not played every day or even every weekend, you can decide to make money on free days by adding a play center to your business.