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18 businesses you can start in your backyard that will give you 100,000 naira every month

Want to earn extra income from home? Need some business ideas you can start from your part-time yard? Read on then.

It is more difficult to train with a single source of income. So more and more people are exploring the possibilities of starting their own foreign income business. Most of these part-time efforts are initiated and practiced regularly from the comfort and privacy of the home.

However, before you begin, your basic marketing research is the most important thing you want to do. determine, for the first time, what percentage of people in your area are interested in the proposed product or service and would be willing to give a line and pay money for it. "

It’s called defining your market and determining your customers. Your plan is more accurate and detailed; all the basics on how to do everything you need to do, the better off you will be. It’s affordable to put everything on paper before you get involved, and the clearer you see everything before you start, the greater your chance of compliance.

Ever wanted to see how your garden was used as an office, but never had the idea of ​​a lucrative idea to make money? I recommend it, because one of the 18 ideas for making money is often your compliance model.

18 profitable companies to start from your garden

Rabbit rearing

Domestic hares, Oryctolagus cunniculus, are fertile breeders that produce large amounts of tasty meat. Its production rate is faster than that of pigs, goats or sheep. Rabbits have a very short pregnancy (27-33 days) and can rebel immediately after birth.

A breeding fish (female) can produce a minimum of five gross per year, with an average of 6 sets per litter; if managed well in simple conditions. With a simple death rate of 15%, about 25 of the kits will reach 3 kg in five to 6 months.

Rental of party equipment

Leasing party equipment has become especially important in many large cities. Party organizers request public address systems, canopies, chairs, stage platform, ice cube, drums, kitchen utensils, tablecloths and other party equipment.

The first step is to look for rates for the items and for some time. Then you need to explore the value of creating or buying a number of these things. Anything you want to try to encourage with event managers in your area and confirm that you are informing your neighbor that they are offering these services.

Laundry / ironing / clothes cleaning

Everyone has dirty clothes to wash and iron, but a lot of people don’t have time to try them on. it’s often where you’re available and you can make money by ironing all the clothes and ironing for people. More and more adults are in the workforce, leaving less and less time for the necessities of life, or perhaps the less accomplished. If the backyard is big enough to store all the pieces, sort the pieces, and start making money, this business may be for you.

Firewood delivery service

While the increased value of fuel and oil is worth it, many of us turn to wood stoves and fireplaces to cook food. Wood is easy to burn and is a smaller amount compared to grease and gas.

If you have access to any kind of wood, trees and shrubs, you will turn your garden into a money maker; You will provide cut and split wood to those who use firewood for cooking, you would do some things like chainsaw, ax, ropes, but it is quite minimal compared to what you will do. is responsible for the cut; if you are not strong enough, you will hire someone to try to do it. supplies firewood to homes and businesses.

Handmade cardboard manufacturing business

It’s amazing to understand that the everyday cardboard you’re making your way through can become rich just with your bare hands. A cardboard can also be called a box. Cardboards create impact and visual interest through printing, color, surface design and shape.

There are basically two types of cardboard packages; these are heavy and light packaging boxes. Your customers are cosmetics, pharmaceutical fast food, supermarket, cottage producers, distiller, liquor company, and so on.

There is no need to be afraid of competitors who produce by machine. Just think of the SME ministry that is gradually growing in Nigeria. The capital needed to set up a home cardboard business is possibly as low as it gets N50,000.

Horticulture and Horticulture

Horticulture is the study or practice of growing flowers, fruits and vegetables. It also involves the use of iron bars in the garden. The soft appearance has to do with the plants themselves and varies. This consists of cultivating lawns, plants, planting edges, planting orchards, and so on. The wonderful thing about this business is that you can easily get started with everything you have.

You can start with N1million, N500,000 or N200,000 or less. it even starts with zero capital. Start with grass or plants for a very small portion of your home. Feed it well. Before he can admit it, people admire him and ask him if they will roll in the hay.

You can also start doing it for free. Tell them to offer three months. The moment they see the result, no matter how small they are forced to offer you something and even more work and contacts to offer.

Fish farming

Over the years, many people have made money raising fish because the population is inflamed and their protein needs are the best available. Food is usually a winner if done right. Fish farming can be strolled through the park’s industry if you set up the right structures in the area. More and more people are looking for fish for their low cholesterol protein.

All you would want to do is try an area in the backyard or build tanks, buy finger lengths between N10 and N20 and feed it for four to six months, and then sell between N200 and N1,500 for weight and size. you need to be prepared to control hygienic problem tanks, because if they are not managed properly, they can end your investment.

Herb Farm

Herbs are very popular these days; From the smallest shop to the main discount store, you will find medicinal herbs, culinary herbs and herbal teas, baths, candles and aromatherapy essences.

You can start small, grow herbs during a large garden or rent cheap land. you must have a thorough knowledge of the cultivation and cultivation of herbs. Your customers usually buy wholesale distributors for health food manufacturers, grocery stores and restaurants, otherwise you can sell them to your business.

Chalk production

The gypsum manufacturer is extremely profitable in Nigeria these days because the market is big and the supply is therefore reduced. Chalk is used by government and personal schools, universities, polytechnics, educational colleges, agricultural colleges, nursing schools, and so on.

Most of the only existing gypsum manufacturers currently produce normal gypsum that they have no experience with. I will do this business directly outside the backyard. It is often an exclusive property, a nearby corporation or a large company.


Poultry can be a business that will start with 50 to 500 birds outside the backyard, with between N100,000 and N300,000 available in cash. These amounts include the cost of birds, pen, feed and drugs. Get someone experienced to help with the pen. you will purchase wood directly from the sawmill to lower the value.

Waste management in poultry is extremely essential; if not handled properly, it will affect the expansion, production, and performance of birds. The poultry look you plan for is profitable. a bird can offer you 730 eggs within two years before selling them, for example N500 or N600.

Candle production

With the volatile energy supply in the country, there is no doubt that the manufacture of chandeliers is still a waste of money. A large group of Nigerians rely solely on candles to fight volatile energy supply. With N10,000, you have a candle mold that produces 16 Christmas sticks at a time and sets it up about 50 times a day, which translates to 800 a day. It is often a situation if you start with N20,000 to N25,000.

To produce the 16 pieces, don’t take ten minutes, just melt the wax, pour it into the mold and melt it within 5 minutes, add another wax that you have melted, while the previous one melts and move on .

So instead of starting at N100,000 - N200,000, you really start with N45,000. The initial requirements are form, which costs approximately N30,000, wax N1,000, wire N1,000, heat source N600, bowl, Nylon N1,500, roofing machine N2,000 and logistics.

Grasscutter farming

The grasscutter is the second largest rodent in Nigeria and is endemic to Africa. It breeds successfully in captivity and is able to breed twice a year with a litter size ranging from two to 6. They are mostly vegetarian and can be grown entirely on fresh grass. they like plants with a high moisture content and soluble carbohydrates.

Field studies show that they are not digging, so they can also be caged or lifted during a closed pin at the bottom. Lawn plants are worth keeping in the humid forest, where poor grazing and harsh environment limit the yield of conventional livestock.

Production of liquid environmental air freshener

The liquid air freshener can be a product that plays a strategic role in homes, offices, etc. Demand includes gender, age, groups, and social strata. These products are often prepared from the backyard, as all the chemicals involved are easy to use. Machines for small or medium scale manufacturing are also not required. The required chemicals are available locally throughout the year.

It can also be amazing to understand that mounting technology is very simple. This product with a water content of 80% has a high performance. There are high quality, well-designed plastic containers that give the merchandise an irresistible finishing touch and are all available locally.

Cultivation of snails

Beef is strictly a safe and nutritious delicacy. the easiest period to start snail breeding is that during the season you will start with about 50 - 60 snails to have an honest knowledge of how snail planting works. confirm that you choose large, large snails; the African giant snail is recommended.

You can get these snails all over the land from the market or from snail farmers. The screws are sold in groups of 20 pieces each and the price depends on the size; the largest is sold between N1, 800 - N3, 000 per lot. it’s best to go shopping for the big ones, as they will hatch on the spot in about 35 days. About N10,000 should start a replacement in the business.

Production of ice blocks

The sale of ice blocks involves the use of the freezer to form ice cubes in plastic containers or polyethylene bags. The business consists of assembling a solid block of ice by placing clean water in a small container to form different sizes of the block of ice available to consumers of different categories.

This business thrives well in areas where there are uninterrupted power outages and also in places with often populated areas such as car parks, market squares, schools, shopping and commercial areas; where there are burgers and activities that require refrigeration, either through a bottle of cold drink or a bag of pure water. Over time, a large number of pure water machine manufacturers work in some financial institutions and currently offer financial assistance to interested investors.

Plantain chips

After removing the skin, the unripe fruit is regularly cut (1 or 2 mm thick) into slices and fried in oil to produce slices. If the chips consist of sweeter fruits, they are called "chips". It will even be cut vertically to name a variation, known as Plant Plant Strips. Just confirm that you have set the label. The more you produce, the more money you make, because most Nigerians like plant chips.

Yam flour

Processed yam flour can be a simple method to preserve yam and make it available year-round for our meal. In addition, it improves the storage process and therefore also the circulation of the goods. The preservation process can also be complemented by the use of chemical preservatives, common in Nigerian markets.

Currently, only one multinational company, Cadbury Nigeria Plc, and a few private investors have invested in this sector of the economy. The necessary machinery is locally there; is the dryer, hammer grinder, grinding filter and packing material.

Custard manufacturing

In Africa, almost all ethnic groups produce a special type of food from grain. In Nigerian cities, people are not what is called Ogi, Akamu; it is often made of corn stone. When the Europeans came, they found what they call Custard. But then it turned out that the only difference was the color and flavor added to the wheat. it is very easy to provide custard.

Raw materials and the formulation include wheat starch: Premise 1 and Premise 2 1 kg wheat starch and 2 kg wheat starch. Tertrazine (T.T.Z) 200 grams, sunset yellow 50 grams, flavor 1 liter. pack it in bags.