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11 businesses you can start with N5,000 or less that will be giving you constant money monthly

Many people mistakenly think that they need a lot of capital to start a business. However, there are numerous companies, starting with up to N5,000.

Here are 11 amazing business ideas you can develop with just N5000 or less.

1. Small Chops Enterprise

Starting a small chop business is a profitable business idea in Nigeria. Nigerians ’desire for finger food such as small ribs has increased significantly over the years. There’s almost no party going where small ribs wouldn’t serve. In addition to big events like weddings, funerals, christenings and birthdays, small bites are also the preferred choice when friends visit or have a picnic.

A good feature of small chip companies is that while many people offer this service, there is certainly no shortage of demand, as long as your products are tasty and well packaged. So the key to successful ownership of small ribs is creativity and packaging. Little girls have a variety of spring rules, samosa, fish fingers, chicken whisk, fish beater, flame balls, "puff-puff", beef bag, "gizz dodo", "dough", steak banana and any other soft addition you can. Think about.

Before you start a small chip business, spend some quality time learning the art. This will be of great benefit. Once you are an expert in the subject, you can earn extra income by organizing classes to learn the basics of the business.

2. Juice / smoothies

Since the rise of healthy eating restaurants, there has been a growing demand for natural and organic beverages. Juices and smoothies have become the main choice for health-conscious consumers. Interestingly, the ingredients for making fruit and smoothies are not that expensive. For starters, it’s important to learn from someone who is good or from a step-by-step guide on the Internet. Think about your location to run a small smoothie business and work with easily available, high-quality ingredients. Also, use creative techniques that will help you attract potential customers. You can consider using a juice bar or smoothies from a mall kiosk or a delivery service. You can also market your products to fitness clubs or health bars around you that are interested in your brand.

Regardless of the style you choose when you start small, remember that it all depends on the customer base you want to create. In addition to selling smoothies, processing a diverse variety of fruits attracts people and makes your market unique. You can cut pawpaw, watermelon, coconut, apple, pineapple and banana, mix everything and add milk. Serve chilled!

3. Blogging

Today, in Nigeria, we celebrate Linda Ikeji, Uche Eze, to make the best progress as best online bloggers and entrepreneurs. Do you love online media? Blogs give money to those who know how to play their cards right.

Tens of thousands of bloggers create content on topics as diverse as cooking, fashion, gossip, news, travel, movies, and lifestyle. Starting a blog / vlog with a specific niche and focusing on a specific set of individuals is a profitable business idea with great potential.

Your first step is to harness your writing skills, understand what your audience wants, and learn how to write a blog post that drives traffic and provides your readers regularly.

If you are a student, you can create and manage a blog for your school. You can start posting stories about events at your school. Once you start creating useful content, invite readers. This is a great way to do this through your social media. You can share articles on your blog using handles of social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. Engage your readers and start counting your cash benefits soon.

Ways you can earn as a blogger include advertising revenue, affiliate revenue (that’s when you link to a product for sale on another website (e.g. Amazon, Jumia). Product, get a commission), opportunities and promotions, and recurring revenue .

4. Liquid soap / air freshener

Some say liquid soap production may not be profitable, but Esther Ifeanyi-Chukwu thinks otherwise. In an interview with a nursing student at the University of Lagos, she revealed that making soap was a way to keep her in school.

According to her, I earn more than N7000 with less than N3000, which is the least. Those I have trained deserve even more than me, because they have been able to build a good customer base. “With an effective strategy of mark and packaging can mark a big difference. You can learn how to make soap online or get hands-on training from business people. What is most important is how you market the product and build your customer base.

Get beautiful packaging, a graphic designer to create an attractive label, quality ingredients to produce and market your liquid soap. Take it to the shops in your area, negotiate the price and the commission. Over time, people will start calling you by name and thus create wealth and fame. The same thing applies with air fresheners. If you study more innovative ways to make your brand, you’ll probably get ideas for other products, such as soap and laundry detergent, that may cost a little more but have higher performance. So, go ahead and make liquid soap and you won’t be satisfied with it

5. Fabric brands and titivating

You may have noticed and admired custom fabric brands. Someone did and so did you. You can start customizing yourself or even making your own clothes. You can make a sample with your capital N5,000 and take it to schools or other organizations. If they fall in love with your work, they can ask for more. Adding accessories or renewing them is another aspect. You can change the shoes prepared for ankara shoes. You can connect with a fashion designer or a partner around you by asking them to market to your customers. This means that when people want to work on ankara or any fabric, their fashion designer will ask them if they want a shoe to fit. If they are interested, ask them to take off a shoe or buy it. Then cut and stick the material of the clothes tightly to the shoe or bags.

6. Uberpreneurship

Did you know that currently driving at Uber is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria? Not only does it give you the opportunity to work whenever you want (including nights and weekends), but it also gives you the opportunity to earn extra money. Some managers do it full time, but others do it only at night after daily chores and weekends.

According to, there are many different reasons why people decide to drive with Uber. Some do it for the freedom to manage when and where they want. They are the boss and work the time or the minimum they want, according to a schedule that suits their needs. An average Uber pilot earns between 80,000 and 120,000 Naira per week. All you need is the skill, a license, your bargaining tool (a regular vehicle that doesn’t necessarily have to be yours), and then sign up for Uber.

7. Social media / influencer marketing

By sharing interesting content and compiling a list of followers on social media platforms, many Nigerians make a lot of money. Samuel Kas, owner of Unilagram, is an Instagram platform where he promotes student brands and earns income. The potential of social platforms is huge and constantly evolving. To increase business potential, Instagram has recently launched some business features that will help people sell their products or services. While many of them sell products directly, such as smoothie owners, fashion designers, shoemakers, etc., some serve as marketers who sell brands through their social media addresses.

This is a business idea that you will also have to face if you are passionate about social media.

Here's how. Grow what you follow on one of these platforms, and you can quickly reach big brands, equipment companies, and other relevant companies that sell products or services related to the type of content you create and share. If you have hundreds of thousands of followers, you can easily upload between 15,000 and 50,000 Naira by email or more, which is a very profitable side business idea.

8. Web design and development

As a web designer or developer, you will create incredibly valuable skills that are in high demand in Nigeria. You can create websites with a free tool like WordPress in a few weeks. In addition to having the opportunity to work according to your own schedule, you can make between N50,000 and N250,000 Naira per website project. If you want to improve your web development skills, Andela is the best place to get your knowledge and skills.

9. Graphic design

While the formal background in Graphic Design is absolutely useful, it is also relatively easy to learn the basics of graphic design using tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

But before you start earning as a graphic designer, you need to build your skills. You have to be creative in all your designs. I recommend that you show off your design skills on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to gain a good customer base.

10. Cake and cupcake bakery

Making, decorating and selling unique cakes and cupcakes for events ranging from birthdays to wedding anniversaries is a wonderful business idea that the hobby pastry chef pursues, and is very profitable. You can start with a small budget by cooking and decorating your own kitchen. An effective marketing idea is to send samples of your cakes to interested parties to make sure you do business or to display photos of the cakes on Instagram using appropriate hashtags. You can also train other people and earn income over time.

11. Autonomous content development / ghostwriting

Do you consider yourself a man of words? Taking care of yourself as a standalone content developer can be a tricky or even full-time job. notes that Nigerian companies, such as media agencies, blogs and startups, will pay big bucks to someone who can write a clean copy of the content, whether for advertising, websites or blogs. Some will even pay you for your editing services. However, consider what work you need to do to make your business independent full time.

You can learn all these processes in no time and grow your business with effective marketing strategies.