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Tips On Getting More Traffic On Opera News Hub

Part 1: Which Article does the Opera News Hub Need?

Opera News Hub is committed in providing a positive environment for content creators, providing users with great reading experience, and jointly create a healthy and orderly content ecosystem.

Opera News Hub has a very sophisticated evaluation system that will give more traffic support to high-quality articles.

What is a high-quality article?

1. Strong Expertise

We encourage creators to write articles based on their expertise, focusing on a single area of general news, politics, entertainment, sports, etc. rather than multiple areas.

Your professional experience, skills, perspectives, and hobbies can be shared with our users.

For example, if you are a doctor, you can write articles about health. Same if you are proficient in football tactics and a loyal fan of a team, you can write about the team's game analysis, historical stories, player fun facts and other aspects; If you are proficient in car maintenance and repair, you can share articles about car maintenance and repair. If you are a skillful chef, you can share methods and tips on how to cook.

2. High writing level

A good writing level will make users more willing to read your article. It includes the following aspects:

1) Title

The title is non-clickbait, the point of view is clear, no spelling errors, and the main purpose of the article can be fully expressed (it is suggested that the number of words in the title is not too short, we recommend more than 10 words.)

2) Text

Correct grammar and smooth writing. Storytelling is vivid and complete. There is a convincing fact and reasoning.

Don't make a paragraph too long in order to avoid boring the readers.

Pictures are abundant and consistent with the content of the article.

3. High originality

Articles published by creators can reflect their own opinions and thoughts, and the content has depth and attitude, which reflects your unique opinions and point of view, rather than going along with the majority.

The article does not directly copy the content on social media such as Twitter. But a refinement of carefully selected content on the internet, which explains the whole picture of the event in its own language, so that users not only know "what" but also "why" and the "How" parts.

4. High interactivity

Interactivity is reflected in the number of followers on the account, the number of likes, share, comments, and favorites in the article. Accounts with high interactivity performance will have higher recommendation to the user by Opera News Hub system.

Part 2:What Factors will Affect the Performance (Data) of the Article

The data is affected by topic selection, quality content, catchy title and captivating images or pictures. Only when the comprehensive performance of these aspects reaches high quality can the article perform better.


Whether the content written is a topic of interest to users, it will directly affect the amount of recommendations of this article by Opera News Hub.

It is recommended not to write too unpopular topics and content.

These contents are not worthless, but not the interest of the most users.

Click(Most Important)

Whether the article is a hot topic, whether the title is attractive, whether the picture has an impact, whether the article content is deep and distinctive, it will directly affect the number of clicks.

Clicks are also related to impression volume. The more impressions, the more likely you are to get more clicks.

CTR (Click/Impression)

Related to clicks and impressions. If your article has a high click-through rate, it means that the content is attractive, and you should continue to write in this direction.


The number of comments is related to the topic of the article. Controversial topics turn to attract more comments. There are fewer comments on unpopular topics. It is recommended that creators respond to user comments and guide users to pay attention to their accounts.


Related to the value of the article. The greater the amount of information and the higher the quality of the article, the more users are willing to share.

Part 3: How To Write an Article on Trending Topics

Take Your Time

An article that takes 8 hours to write must be better than an article that only takes an hour. The longer you spend on writing and brainstorming, the greater the added value. The investment will definitely pay off.

Write only the best ideas

The more readers your article helps, the more popular it is, and the topic does not necessarily have to be the current hottest topic.

So you have to brainstorm ideas and come up with the best topic. For example, are there topics that others have yet to write about? The hot topic has been covered by many writers, however, are there any other angles to which you can explore other than those already written?

Pay more attention to news and learn from better authors

Pay more attention to relevant news in your writing field, pay more attention to the articles of other high-quality authors, and learn their writing perspectives and ideas.

Let's look at some trending topics and how you can add your unique voice with follow up stories.

Recent Trends: Big events happened recently in Society (Wedding)

Topic Sample: Sandra Ikeji’s breaks record with 200 chief bridesmaid at wedding

Add your own unique voice as a leading industry expert in society news. Your article must focus on adding value and provide further information such as details, facts and figures not captured in the trending topic. Add your personal contribution and expertise. News breaks quickly in politics and current affairs. You can take a unique turn by becoming an authority and a leading voice when you add your own view.

Spent time to write about your own take on the subject of visa ban.

Your personal contribution should show us you have spent time writing these articles.

Recent Trends: Big events happened recently in Entertainment.

Be a leading industry voice by providing more information about this topic and any other. Don’t just reproduce another breaking news.

Create other series of explainers, how-to and facts. Your article should provide incremental information about the Grammy’s. Research and serve Opera News readers’ a unique angle to the trending topic like the examples below:

You can become a respected and widely read sport pundit if you bring a different angle to a sports topic. Readers will recognise your voice and style. Let your writing give readers new information and a pathway to what they never thought about while reading the topic.

Part 4: How to Write A Good Headline

Principle: The title is the key point to attract the reader's attraction, and the core principle of starting the title is to convey the key information, arouse the reader's attention.Don't be a plain tender in the title.


Put the key words of the article at the front of the title to catch the readers' eyes quickly.


Suspense in the title, ask questions and arouse readers' curiosity.

Use Emotional Vocabulary

Appropriate and practical emotional vocabulary to arouse readers' emotions.


Skillfully use contrast to attract eyeballs.

Highlight some details in the title:

Professional articles such as health, finance and politics can highlight authority in the title, which makes readers have to read.

Part 5:Which Content Style can Attract User?

Contentious/Controversial content:

Controversial and contentious content can arouse the participation and discussion of readers with different opinions and improve the attention of the article.

Contents arousing readers' emotions:

Content that arouse readers' recollection of their own experiences and resonance; arousing readers' anxiety, sympathy, anger and other emotions.

Creating Value

Content that can provide practical value for readers allows them to gain knowledge after reading.

Your Writing Style

The writing style of the article should not be too serious, and it is suggested to convey information and opinions in a relaxed and lively language.

Article Structure

The composition of the article should be clear and orderly, and the important places can be marked with subtitles or bold, and at the same time, it should be divided into several sections to avoid a long paragraph.

Make it Simple

The article should avoid being too professional and convey information in vivid and ordinary language.

Part 6:How to Choose Pictures for Articles?

Multiple pictures in the text can attract more attention than one picture. It is recommended to insert one picture every 100 words. Pictures should be high-definition, highly relevant to the content of the article, and close-up pictures are more attractive.

Use landscape picture specification

Pictures with contrast are more attractive. Three cover pictures are more attractive than one. The cover picture should correspond with the title and content of the article. 

The cover image should have visual impact, and it is better to convey actions and scenes.

Part 7:Other Tips to Attract More Followers

The verticality of the account is very important. It's better to focus on one category to create.The higher the verticality of the account, the more accurate the machine will recommend the article to the user. It's best to have regular time for posting, and cultivate users' habit of reading articles regularly.

At the end of the article, you can guide readers to comment, like, forward, and open the home page to read other articles.

Part 8: Sharing your Articles on Social Media

Now that your article has been published. The job is not finished yet. The life cycle of an article is not complete until you have shared the link to the article to your friends and followers on social media.

Sharing the article on social media will make it attract more engagements. Your followers will click to read, like, comment and invite others to read by sharing.

After publishing your articles, do not forget to share the link to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. invite your followers and friends to read, like and share.

This will increase the number of people reading the article and redirect them to your account thereby increasing your chances of getting more clicks.

Wishing you good luck as you create great articles.