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How to make huge amount of money from Ram business this coming sallah festival

When i first came to the northern part of Nigeria, the first thing i had in mind was a way of survival. Because i come from a state where everything is cost and this made me learnt my lesson quickly. This lesson was how to bring down some of the important item needed by my people. The item that came to my mind was nothing but Ram.

Ram business at first i thought was a hectic one until i found my way around it. To do Ram business, what you need is a good information and good understanding of the marketting forces around the business.

During the sallah festival celebration virtually all muslim household kill Ram. Most of the Rams which they offer for sacrifice are been brought from the far north. Only few are from the locality.

How do i start a Ram business?

To start a ram business is quite easy. You need Capital of atleast 600 thousand naira. Don't worry about the money, you are not the one to source for it on a normal business day. All you need do is to find organizations that buys ram in bulk. you need the right informations.

I have a friend who use to go to Islamic organizations like MSSN, NASFAT, and the likes asking for their interest in buying the ram. Once he gathered all the request, he demands for their payment which he use as capital.

How do i gain from the business?

Here is the logic. They are two ways of doing the business. One for a poor man and the other for a rich man. The poor man style eventually would end up raising your status to a rich man after five to ten sales.

i call it poor man style because you dont need capital to start but information. Lets say you got about 40 persons that wants to buy Ram, that is 40 rams. And lets say the amount for each ram is 35,000 naira. Then your selling point or price should start at 40,000 with transport as the reason.

That it obviously 5,000 *40 which gives you about 200,000 naira. If you are a kogite like myself, to transport those animals from places like Kano,Katsina is 80,0000. That means you have gained 120,000.

The rich man style

If one wants to practice the style i call rich man style, then you will have to buy the adolescent ram which cost from 10000 to 15000. That means with enough money, one can buy as much as 60 for 600,000 Naira. You take it to your empty land where you train them and end up selling between 40-60 thousand depending on the year market value. The business of ram is cool if one has a good information and guidance.

Ask your questions below. I will endevour to answer all of it. Do you see yourself making money this coming sallah?