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5 Profitable Businesses In Nigeria No One Is Paying Attention To

So many people Struggle to get a business to do at times, and in which so many people are looking for a very huge capital to start the business. In Nigeria today, there are so many businesses that you can start with a very little sum of capital that would yield you a huge amount of money at last. The only thing that can hold you back would be whether you have the capital to start the business or you don't have. If you are fortunate to have the money to start the business with you, and you would like to put it into a business that is not so popular and is also very profitable, you might be able to get started with this business.

1. Snacks business:

Snacks business is one of the business that yield to money in Nigeria and no one is paying attention to it, some people doesn’t like this snacks business because of the rigorous processes in undergo in its preparation. People looking for businesses to do never knew that about 98% of the residents in the whole world eats snacks as their additional food, and it really increases the consumption of it and also makes those who sell it to sell more of their products.

2. Palm Oil Business:

Palm oil business is one of the most profitable agricultural business in Nigeria today, producing of palm oil in a local way has a very low cost and if you can also go to the lengths to get yours, I promise you will enjoy it because it is a very reasonable and profit business. Another incredible amazing thing about the production of palm oil business is that you don’t even have to do any hard labor. If you have enough money and you can afford yo pay people to do the difficult part of the work for you, you will still have enough profit from this business. You can even make more money from this palm oil business if you are very patient and smart. I know that after you finish reading this you will ask me How? Now you can find out the price for palm oil in different states and cities, and sell to a city or State that has the best price for you. You can also preserve your palm oil after Producing till the time of the year when prices go up everywhere, and sell yours at a very high price.

3. Snail business:

You may be wondering how can snail business be a profitable business, but looking at so many doctors report, about 90% of patients around the world are always advised not to eat meat due to its high content of cholesterol. Snail business is a very profitable business around the world that so many people are not considering as one because of its complexity in starting the business. But I assure you if you can start a snail business today you will get an unexpected profit due to the fact that you can provide the snail by yourself and only few people are into the business.

4. Poultry business:

Poultry business is a seasonal business in which this time is the perfect time for you to start. However, you can be very successful in the poultry business with a very smart and industrious knowledge. Looking at the seasonal profits in poultry business, start the poultry business and grow them ahead for festivities periods like Christmas and Easter. The demand for chicken at that time are always very high. For the non-seasonal profits, find food vendors and restaurants that have chicken and eggs on their menu, in Nigeria, almost every restaurant and food vendor have chicken and eggs on their menu. Someone can make a lot of money if you are very persistent and you are very hardworking.

5. Transportation business:

If you have enough money and you can afford to buy a vehicles or motorcycles, i will advice you to get one, two even more as much as you can afford, you then hire people to use them to transport people in your own town, and have them to deliver a certain amount of money to you base on your agreement either on daily basis or week basis. You can either do this locally or with more modern platforms like Uber and Taxify.

We still have so many profitable businesses that lots of people do not pay attention to, these businesses includes Animal Farming, Waste Management, Daycare Center, cassava plantation, pig rearing and much more. As long as you are motivated and hardworking, you will be very successful at any business on this list.