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11 Ways to Earn Money using your Facebook account

Earning with Facebook is not an alien concept no matter what you think. People have been making money using Facebook from a long time ago. In the last four months of 2018, Facebook generated a revenue of 13.7 billion US dollars. The good news is that part of this money can be yours.

Earning money with your Facebook account is not an overnight thing but you can achieve this goal in a matter of months if you do not have an audience yet. If you have many friends and followers, then you're ready. If not, don't lose hope.

All it takes is at least half an hour's job few times a week or daily to upload content that people like and connect with in order to build trust, and once you have many followers then you are ready to go.

In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining 11 different ways you can make money on Facebook. You do not have to do all of them; in fact, you should not do all of them. Just choose one or two and work on those.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you help a company sell a product or drive customers to their websites and earn a commission by doing so.

To be an affiliate marketer, you have to find a company that is hiring affiliate marketers and register. An example is Amazon. 

When you register as an affiliate marketer, you choose the products that you wish to advertise and once anyone buys a product after clicking through your link (your unique affiliate ID), you will earn a commission. 

In Nigeria, JumiaKonga and even Bet9ja offers deals for affiliate marketers. All you have to do is to register.

Affiliate marketing is a highly lucrative field once you have the right audience: it jumped 52% over the last 5 years and is now a 6.8 billion dollar industry.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing occurs when you use your brand and voice on the internet to drive sales. 

This would really work well when you have an influence online, that is you have a lot of following and a large fan base, and your posts gather a lot of likes and shares (genuine ones). In this instance, it shows that you can influence a number of people to purchase a product.

Influencer marketing would really work well if you have already established yourself as an authority in a particular niche. Example, let us say that you have a lot of followers and friends, and almost everything you post is about food and cooking; you will then be seen as an expert in matters of nutrition. So if you happen to partner with, let us say, a bakery, you will be able to influence a lot of people to purchase baked food from the company. In this case, your friends and followers see you as an authority in the niche of nutrition.

It takes time to be an influencer and you have to be able to commit to working towards it. Really, every influencer once had 0 friends. You have to be strategic in the kinds of things you post, you have to think about them carefully and engage the viewers. It takes time, at least months. But once you have enough following and authority, you will begin to make awesome amounts of money. 

Remember to be authentic, direct, and offer real value. Make sure it is something you're passionate about in order to make it easier for you. Anything can be turned into a business. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a place where buyers and sellers can meet on Facebook. Here you put up any products you have for sale and wait for the buyers. You have to make sure that you have good pictures of the product and a really clear but brief product description, and the price. 

A good part of this marketplace is that you are sure that anyone visiting there has the mindset to buy; Facebook's marketplace has 800 million visitors monthly. 

If you are able to present your product in an agreeable manner, you will definitely get customers. You can also share it on your personal Facebook timeline and urge friends and general viewers to purchase.

Create a Facebook Group 

A Facebook group can be created by anyone who has a Facebook account: there are over 10 million groups on Facebook and 1.46 billion people are using them. 

It is amazing because there is always high engagement in groups that have interesting content to share. I know this because sometimes when I log into Facebook, the top ten posts they show me are from groups that I belong to. Facebook gave groups high priority because they increase the sense of community.

The difficult part of managing a group is only in the beginning. When you create a new one you have to stand out to be able to get any significant activity going. 

The most important thing is that your group have to be focused and have real value to offer. You should not make a group about everything, in fact it is very advisable to narrow the intent of your group but not too much narrowing. That way, you can give credibility and trust, and because you offer specific services, a lot of people will join and become active members and Facebook will reward you for it. Facebook cherishes value, remember that. 

Don't forget to invite your friends first to the group when it's starting out.

Once it is on its way, you can do some influencer marketing or affiliate marketing or even sell your products directly in your Facebook group. Once more, this is not an overnight job but with the appropriate preparations, it will very probably pay you.

Write an E-book

Believe it or not, writing a book can be a very profitable way of making money on Facebook. This would only work when you are already an authority in your niche so you have to work towards that first.

Anyway, do not be daunted by the idea of writing an e-book since you do not have to go through the rigours of looking for a publishing house to accept it or anything like that, and it does not have to be a long book and can be on absolutely any subject. 

An example: if your Facebook audience has known you and has trusted you as an expert on how to make delicious African cuisines, you can definitely write a book on how to make those foods and any other information that seems necessary. Your supporters are sure to want to buy it since they already trust in your expertise.

You can publish directly online - the most common choices are Amazon create space and Amazon kindle. You can also send the book directly to anyone who pays for a copy. Many e-books are in PDF format.

Sell Shares/Likes

This is something that can be found very easily online. People get offers to increase their likes or shares and they pay for these services. The only downside is that if a page is caught by Facebook as having false engagement, the page or Facebook account will be banned. Paid likes do not usually go anywhere because even if one pays someone to like a post, it is not a genuine like. 

However, the number of likes and comments helps to boost a post's visibility and many are willing to pay for them.

Creating customized pages

People make money on Facebook by creating customized pages for businesses and organizations. 

Some businesses or page owners would like their pages to stand out and be memorable for their audiences and so would recruit people to build customized pages for them. 

It is a fairly profitable job and comes easily, usually one would find job postings on freelance job websites like Upwork and Fiverr and many others. It is not difficult to learn and it is easy to get recruited to customize these pages.

Selling your old Facebook account

It is well known that you can sell your old Facebook account to people looking for an audience to connect with. So, if you have an old account with a lot of friends and followers, you can sell it to someone willing to buy for the right amount. It's easy money.

Create Videos

Statistics have shown that a lot of people spend hours watching videos on Facebook. Every day, Facebook videos reach 8 billion views. 

Videos are among the more easy ways to get followers and an engaged audience. All you have to do is come up with a good idea for a video, usually short, and then create it. It does not take too much time and usually does not require a budget unless one is creating something on the professional side. 

Personal videos are also usually more effective than the videos done for purely professional reasons. Mixing the two would provide optimal results. 

You can share the video on your story or timeline. I recommend both.

Driving traffic to a blog/website

This is a bit like influencer marketing but the difference is that instead of directly selling a product from your account, you direct your audience to a website or another Facebook page to buy the product. 

Once more, here, you will need to be an influencer- with a lot of friends and followers in order to be able to do this effectively. This is a long term thing and requires hardwork and dedication. 

You must be willing to be strategic and focused in your gathering of followership and make sure that it's not just anybody but people with shared interests so that when you finally enter the social media influencer field, you will be able to get the optimal results while keeping your followers engaged and interested in you.

Facebook Marketing Expert 

You may also portray yourself as a Facebook expert who knows how to get people to engage with you on Facebook. Then find a company in need of a marketing expert and help them to raise their Facebook awareness to help them establish an online presence. Once you are able to do this, you will be paid generously. 

There are many companies that need a good marketing strategy and once you provide them with one, they will be more than willing to hire you. If you know nothing about making people engage with you on Facebook, there are many crash courses that you can take online free of charge. Just Google them.


1.6 billion people login to Facebook daily, a large part of these make a purchase before they log out. You can make money on Facebook once you put your mind to it and work towards it. Start today, it is never too early or too late.