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Top 10 Skills That are Highly In-demand and Lucrative in Nigeria That You Should Learn

In Nigeria, there are many skills you can choose to learn. Some are profitable than some, while some are also hugely in-demand than some.

Information Technology (I.T) has really taken over the working industry, and you can hardly see company who doesn't need the service of an I.T person.

Below are some of the skills that is highly profitable and hugely in-demand this year and I hope after you read this, you will pick a skill and start learning immediately:

1. Content Creation:

This is the process of creating textual or visual content for an audience or a reader.

A content can be a blog post, video or an infographic.

Companies and individuals are always in need of people who can create contents for them. Some examples are video adverts for product, copy for products and, infographics.

If you're planning to venture into the field of content creation. Here are some skills you should learn:

I. Copywriting

II. Graphics Design

III. Video Editing

You can learn all of these online without paying a dime and you can start making money with it immediately you are good at it.

2. Website development:

This is a process of creating web pages by designing the layout and also creating its functionality.

This time we are in now, almost everyone uses the internet and companies have been using that as an opportunity to connect with potential and existing customers. A company gets more presence having a website and they can easily sell their products on it.

If you love writing code, solving problem and you're creative, you can try venturing into Web Development.

You will get a huge number of materials online that you can learn from.

3. Digital Marketing:

This is an online version of marketing of products.

The popular way of marketing is going from places to another to talk to people about your product, but Digital Marketing is done without leaving your house.

Marketing online is way more than just creating anyhow content and putting it on social media.It involves some strategies and techniques.

We all are overloaded with much information while browsing the internet and it takes a good content creation strategy to get people's attention to see what you want to advertise for them.

Companies are always on the lookout for Digital Marketers. To help them market their products online and also build their online presence.

4. Business Development:

Business development Managers work is to make sure the company is progressing by evaluating their performance and looking for areas of improvement.

Improvement may come in different forms, such as Maintaining ties with allies and partners or making more sales and seizing opportunities in the market to make profits.

A business development role in a company is a very critical role and most companies are always in the need of competent people who can handle it effectively.

5. Database Management:

This is a process of defining, manipulating, retrieving and managing data in a database using softwares called Database Management System (DBMS).

The old way of storing data has many disadvantages. Data and information are printed and stored in shelves or library. Problem surfaces when one is to look for an information among huge number of documents.

Companies are now migrating to the modern way of storing information because of its effectiveness and efficiency when one is to look for a small piece of information among huge sources of information.

You can also learn this skill online. There are many online resources to learn from.

6. Project Management:

This is the act or practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the tasks of a team to achieve common goals and meet specific criteria at a specific time.

Almost all companies are required to complete specific tasks before a set deadline. There are procedures or guidelines to follow so as to make that possible.

The project manager is tasked to manage the project and monitor everyone working on it so as complete the project before the set deadline.

This skill can also be learnt online. There are softwares that helps a project manager mange tasks and it can also be done manually.

7. Real Estate Brokerage:

Housing is irrefutably one of the most important sector in the society and real estate mogul are really making huge amounts of money.

Real Estate business is all about buying and selling of all types of land properties for clients.

A Real Estate Agent serves as an intermediary or middleman between a client who needs to sell a house and a buyer. The agent is paid some commission if the deal becomes successful.

Imagine getting a deal of 25million, the commission of the agent will be a meaningful amount of money.

This is one of the job not in the I.T sector that is really high-paying.

8. Video Editing

This is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots and add special effects to create original work.

Video editing is greatly in demand now because many companies or entrepreneur have discovered that people love watching than reading.

You can engage into Video Editing and you can freelance, work for films industry or create video contents for yourself.

9. UI/UX Design:

UI stands for User Interface, while UX stands for User Experience.

UI/UX Design is a process of creating and designing the layout of a website, app or product. This process lays emphasis on making the app that will be developed friendly to the users without facing problem.

UI/UX Design doesn't require coding at all and a UI designer design interface which would later be given to a Web Designer to implement it.

This is one of the new skills raking huge amounts of money for designers and you can learn it online.

10. Business Consultancy

These days everyone wants to engage in business and begin a startup. A problem most startup face is lack of professional advice. This skill involves giving businesses professional advises and also helping startups expand and grow their business or brand.

Business consultancy skill can be acquired through a business school and it's really a lucrative business that is really in-demand today.