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See The Richest States In Nigeria And How Much They Generate

Nigeria is a free and independent nation with 36 states favored with various common assets. Despite the fact that raw petroleum has been the primary wellspring of the nation wealth, there are a portion of these rich expresses that produce them. 

1. Lagos State 

Lagos stands first as the current most Richest state in the nation dependent on inside produced income (IGR) of about N268 billion. The most noteworthy any oil delivering state in Nigeria can flaunt. With a GDP totaling $33.6 billion and per capita of $4,333. 

2. Rivers State 

Producing an IGR of over N80 billion in 2016 as found in a report. According to Wikipedia, the wellspring of abundance of Rivers state is raw petroleum and flammable gas. Truth be told, over half of raw petroleum delivered in Nigeria originates from this affluent state. 

3. Delta State 

Delta state is additionally another well off oil creating state that represents Nigeria's supportability on raw petroleum. With an inside produced income of N40.8 billion.According to the IGR report, the GDP of Delta state remains at $16.75 billion with a per capita of $3,990. 

4. Ogun state 

Ogun state is additionally probably the most extravagant state dependent on IGR. You may be astonished however it would stun you to realize that the state produced an expected N34.59 billion in 2016 with a present GDP of $10.47 billion in addition to a per capita of $2,744. 

5. Edo state 

Edo state is additionally positioned the fifth most extravagant state in Nigeria as far as IGR. It created up to N19.11 billion in 2016 with a GDP of $11.88 billion and per capita of $3.623. The wellspring of abundance of this state is the travel industry or tourism.

6. Enugu state 

Enugu is the among the most extravagant Igbo states in Nigeria at present. It created about N18 billion as found in the IGR report. The GDP of Enugu state is $4.3 billion at present. 

7. Oyo state 

As far as inside state created income, Oyo state boast of producing N16.6 billion in 2016 with a GDP of $16.12 billion and per capita of $2,666. 

8. Anambra state 

Anambra state houses a large portion of the most extravagant Igbo individuals in the nation. These men are extremely rich people, tycoons and have been bluntly positioned by Forbes. 

Anambra state produced N14.79 billion in 2016. It's the eighth most extravagant state in the nation as far as IGR. 

9. Akwa Ibom state 

Akwa Ibom State is another rich state in the nation. It is additionally recorded among the oil delivering states situated in the southern part of Nigeria. It produced N14.79 billion as IGR in 2016 with a GDP of $11.17 billion and per capita of $2,779. 

10. Kano State 

This is the main North western state in Nigeria that is positioned as the tenth most extravagant state in the nation. 

With a populace of more than 13 million residents, Kano state created N13.6 billion as IGR with a GDP of $12.39 billion and a for each capita of $1,288.