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How To Start A Catering Business And Make Money,


The food industry is one of the most underrated industry in the world because it looks common.

I can tell you that chefs constitutes the majority of billionaires on earth.

You can ask KFC, Coca Cola and Mcdonalds and they will let you know how lucrative the food business is.

Just to play a little around that part, the basic necessity of man is tied around food, clothing and Shelter.

You see !! Food is number one.

If you can't eat then you can’t do anything else, your activities are tied around what you eat.

The Fuel your body and soul need is just food.

Either it be fruits or whatsoever, Just Food.

The Food industry is as old as man.

Kings and Paupers since the days of the old took the issue of food very serious.

If you are interested in food then this article for you.

What is Catering ?.

Catering is the business of providing food service at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, hospital, pub, aircraft, cruise ship, park, filming site or studio, entertainment site, or even cooperate organizations such as banks and offices.

Forms of catering .

Catering can be grouped in two major forms according to study and research.

1. On Premises.

This is a process whereby the food is cooked and served in the same location.

A perfect example of an on premises catering is the native Canteen or restaurant setting.

2. Off Premises.

This is also referred as a form of catering in which the food is cooked at a separate sight and served somewhere else.

How To Start A Catering Business.

Now this section is going to take you very deep strategies needed to start your own money making catering business.

I have come across so many people who lay complains about their catering business not going as planned.

The catering business seems to be more competitive than any other industry because all it just basically needs in interest and willingness to learn.

For the benefit of this article i am going to be concentrating on off premises catering, one i believe makes more money than owning a canteen.

1. Get the required knowledge.

The way you cook at home is different from the way you handle food for the general public.

You should get a training on how to become a caterer.

Some get this training in school, while others get it in technical schools around.

Even though you know how to cook very few regular food it does not mean that you can test run those skills on the catering field.

2. Choose A Recipe.

You should not go around trying to show that you are a very good caterer by preparing multiple recipe.

In the long run you waste you money and your food might eventually get wasted.

Take Mc Donalds for example, they are known for doughnuts, KFC is know for chicken.

They all choose one single recipe and developed themselves around that single recipe alone.

3. Talk to Friends and organizations around you.

Your environment are the best people to taste your food and give you credits, so don’t go far when you want to start sourcing out clients.

Look out for schools, Banks and corporate work spaces around you.

They are more likely to patronize you before anyone as everybody needs food to survive.

Gathering clients is not as difficult as people take it to be.

4. Use Google My Business.

At this point you need to set up a Google my business profile to allow local searchers and seekers locate you easily.

Not only would you set up a Google my business, you also need to update it regularly with information from your day to day activity.

This would help people build credibility and trust.

Just putting out a google my business profile alone is not enough to validate your business.

There is a section that allows you to share post, pictures and videos just like posting on social media.

5. Create a Website or Blog.

At this point in time, you are ready to start developing multiple stream income for your business.

A blog would validate your presence online and constant posting can help you attract potential customers.

You can also start making money via pay-per-click advertising like Google Adsense or even offer free consultation which would later result in prospective customers from in and outside your location to patronize you.

Here is an article and guide to get you started on Blogging.

6. Start a YouTube Channel.

The Google search engine is the most queried search that is why i recommended you host your blog and get some juicy contents in place.

YouTube is the second most queried search engine after Google which makes it a very pleasant place to display your business.

You can host how to’s tutorials on your YouTube channel, interview a guest and sell off your product and services via YouTube.

You can also make money via the Google Adsense program both linked on your blog and on your YouTube Channel.

Here is an article on starting out a YouTube channel successfully.

7. Go on social media.

At this point in time, just accompanied with the blog then you can then go on social media.

Most people would recommend social media to be the first but i choose it after blogging and Google my business listing because you can grow organically on those platforms than on social media.

most Social media platform have tweaked their algorithm that it becomes highly impossible to grow without paid ads.

Here is an article i recommend that you read in order to get your business up and running on social media.