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5 things to stop doing if you're poor and 5 things to start doing to get rich

A lot of Nigerians think money is one of the hardest thing to get but this is rather not the case, to make money isn't as hard as people think, in fact you can make money from the simplest things of life.

The hardest thing to do is how to understand money - see the difference? Making money and understanding how money works are so different it's like heaven and earth.

But how do you understand money? We spend the early years of our lives in school yet we are never taught how to make money, we were never taught how many works, we were never taught how to make money work for us, we only know how to work for money, yes we only work for money! You go to school you graduate with good grades you try to a high paying job but things ain't going as you planned, you had to settle for a lesser job with a payment of 50 thousand naira, you rent an apartment where you pay 20thousand naira monthly - you're not comfortable, you need a bigger apartment for you and your family. You look for a high paying job and you finally got one, you now earn 150 thousand naira monthly, things are supposed to be going well now right? You immediately move to an apartment where the rent is 50 thousand naira, you're now living comfortable (at least for now) you bought a car, this car needs fueling, before you know it a lot of different necessities comes along and you begin to spend lots of money, now the high paying job isn't enough, you begin to take loans. This was the live you lived for 35 years which you were employed now you're retired and you have nothing to show for it, you blame the government for taking care of you, but this was really all your fault. You never invested in assets, all you acquired were liabilities. I'm going to explain in this article how to make money and not be poor and when you do make the money how to make more money and make money work for you. Before we begin I have a little something to say: " Money isn't happiness, money isn't peace of mind. Rather money is the measure of a mans choices ".

Here are things you need to stop if you're poor;

1. Stop living an addictive life which consumes money.

On of the most common ways to squander money is through addiction to something that's money consuming, no matter how little it is.

For example: you are addicted to drinking, you buy a bottle of alcohol 5 times a week, let's say 1 bottle each different day, and one bottle costs 300 naira. Doesn't seem like much right? We're heading somewhere, you buy 5 times a week, which altogether costs 1500, we have 4 weeks in a month, buying this continuously for one month would cost you 6000 naira, its rising right? After a month you spend 6000 naira on alcohol, assuming this goes on for a year, which is 12 months that's a 72000 naira. Not so small anymore right? This is just a scenario I created in my head, it might be a different case for each individual be whatever it is, spending money on something you can do without continuously like that would make you lose more than you expect. Stop it.

2. Stop gambling

Gambling can be detrimentalnto personal finance as the attempt to chase loses becomes unimaginable. You will spend your saving, incomes and spare cash, you lose a lot of money while gambling but it might be much more than just losing money, it can affect ones emotional and mental health, you become isolated and you detach from others, you're thinking of ideas to win back your money. The more you do this the more you lose yourself and money, gambling for fun sometimes isn't bad but making it a habit can be deadly.

3. Stop investing in liabilities

Liabilities isnt a bad thing, some collect loan to purchase assests for their businesses but too much of it can in turn ruin your business.

Getting a car isn't a bad idea but knowing the right time and whay kind of car to buy could be beneficial or really detrimental at the same thing. You have to know what you need and not always what you want.

4. Stop being lazy

Laziness won't and can't help you become rich, do not procrastinate too. Work hard, work while others are sleeping. Do not lazy around and do not be around lazy people

5. Don't believe luck would make you rich

Thinking your luck would make you rich isn't a good idea, make sure you take your own fate into your hands and not wait for luck.


1. Investment

investing is a prime example of putting money to work for you, you purchase assets and properties that would generate income for you in future which would be profitable to you. Stocks and real estate are also good investment schemes.

2. Learn a high paying skill

Ever wonder why the person you're in the same work place with earn so much more than you? In some cases it's because the person has learned a high paying skill, like computer programing, graphic design or web deigns. Learning a skill can also be profitable for you when you want to start your own business, your whole business can even be based on your skill

3. Think about long term and not only short term.

Thinking short term is easier, I mean thinking and overcoming the obstacles in front of you is far better than preparing for a future which is not certain to anyone.

Prepare a long term plan that would help you when some unexpected circumstances shows up on future.

4. Learn to save

Saving is of great help and can help your business out when push comes to shove. You must know how much you earn, know how mcuh you want to save and know when exactly when you want to save- maybe annually, monthly or even daily. Saving can be hard you need to be discipled and dedicated.

5. Work hard

All the listed above criteria won't matter if you can't work hard. Working hard is the best way to get to where you want and also remember.

"The few little things most men ignore is what a few men do to get rich"