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4 SKills You Should Learn During Lock Down

During this corona virus that we are all stuck, that we are all staying home that you have more free time, you could chose to waste the free time or you could chose to invest the time to do something productive and I think one of the most productive thing you could do is to learn a skill because when this pandemic is over which will certainly be over soon, what are you going to do?, may be you have unfortunately lost your job and when things get back to normal you will have to go out to get a new job, are you ready? I mean are you prepared to take on the next available job? Because things are different now, things have changed, industries have changed, the world have changed, so are you really prepared to go after the new opportunity? Or maybe you will go after the job that you always wanted, or maybe you be going for that new promotion in your place of work, or go start a business, whatever you want to do after this crises, what will allow you to do all those things are your skills.

I believe during this lock down, the of the most valuable skills that you could learn must meet these four criteria

1. A skill that has immediate impact on your life, your career or your business, not a skill that takes years to see result, something that you can learn right now that you can implement, a very practical skill.

2. A skill that doesn’t take you years to learn, a kind that you don’t need to go back to school again for four years of education, instead you can learn this skill in month or sometimes in the matter of weeks.

3. A skill that you can learn in the comfort of your own home, that you don’t need to go to a physical location, the kind that you can learn from your computer.

4. A kind of skill that you can learn at your own pace, A skill that you will be in charge of how you learn it, if you want to learn it in 2 hour, or even 30 mins a day it should be at your pace.

I believe that a skill that meet these four criteria are the valuable skills to learn which are:

1.      Coding Skill

Coders, programmers, developers, software engineers, they will always be in demand, especially with the virus, after this is over, think about the companies who survived, if you were the business owner, what are you going to do differently? You are certainly going to take all you do and automate certain aspect of it, virtual certain aspect of your business, or maybe you shut down completely your physical location and focus on doing it online. Things have changed. People learn. They will structure their business differently; you should structure your business and life differently too. If we learn from it, what corona virus did is to accelerate the process, it’s a trigger, what it means is that people who knows HTML, PHP, CSS, they will be in demand, so if you have the interest, or you are thinking about it, coding skill is extremely valuable.


2.      Digital Marketing Skills

More businesses, more companies, if they had been doing some businesses online, if they have been selling online, after this corona virus, they will be more motivated, before the virus it maybe be like, its nice to sell online, it nice to be on social media, now it becomes a necessity, now it become a new normal, businesses which have been only offline, now they will be thinking online, they should have seen reasons to restructure their business for online presence, for example, lets say you own a school, now your school is shutdown, your students can not come to school again, when all this is over and you resume, you will have to think of how to do more of online and teach more people on the internet. What it means is that if you know how to build funnel, if you know how to generate traffic, you know how to do media post, you know how to build website, all this skills will be in high demand, its already in high demand, but once you are good, you will be in high demand. Even though you are not be thinking of doing digital marketing full time, but if you are hunting for a new job, you can add that to your resume, it adds so much value to it.

3.      Closing

Ability to close product or services, ability to sell them over the phone or over the internet, this are very valuable skills, with the corona virus, company are now looking into the entire sales division, thinking how they could out source their sales persons, they are thinking how they could have a remote sales team instead of the sales team with the physical location. How can we sell our product or services over the phone without a massive overhead, they are thinking differently, so if you have the ability to close phone sales, you have ability to close products and services online, companies are willing to give you a hefty commission when you can demonstrate that quality, when you can demonstrate that you have that skill. Closing will be one of the highest demanded professions in the world because companies’ revenue is down, they need sales people, they need skillful sales people and they need them more than ever especially when things are coming back to normal, they need revenue and they need closer.

4.      Copy writing  

Every social media post that you see, every single email, every single advert, are all copywriters craft, companies that do any type of content marketing, companies that do any type of advertising, they need copywriters and they will always be needing copywriters, because its not just one email, its not just one page neither is it just one article, in other to stand out in this noisy market place, content marketing is extremely critical, they will need someone to write that script, they will need someone to write that social media post, almost every single company out there that do any kind of online marketing at all will need a skillful copy writer and the beauty with copy writing is it has noting to do with writing, it has to do with selling and closing that is why I called it closing in print, copy writing is a learnable skill.


Now those are the four skills I think are valuable to learn during this lock down, you don’t really have to learn all the four, you just have to pick one that interest you most and you will be grateful you did. 

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