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4 simple ways to make money on your instagram account; many people don't know about

People have being wondering how they could start making money with their instagram account like most celebrities do, like C.Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Kendall Jenner even our own Davido, who's the top earner amongst other Nigeria music artist and so many others that earn massively great with their instagram account. Meanwhile, you don't need to have millions of followers before you start making money with your instagram account, Ten thousand (10,000+) followers and above is good enough for you to start monetizing your instagram. (follow to know how to get more followers on your insta account).

Instagram has been a business driving force unlike other social media accounts. Though it was initially based on picture sharing before it upgraded for more business purposes, which can now be use as a business platform by any business owners that want to take his/ her business to more digital. 

However, you can possibly make money with your instagram account in four 4 ways ways, which includes as follows:

1. Sponsored brand post: This is one the area you can make money on your instagram account by writing sponsored posts on any product. In your post you have to start posting consistently with interesting write ups to gain more audience to your instagram. After a while, you'll start defining your brand in small and tag them also.

2. Affiliate other brand: You've to affiliate with some affiliate companies to sale their products and earn money per sale. Search for genuine online big stores that have affiliate program.

3. Sell your pictures: some instagram users don't know that they can sell their pictures on instagram. You can took a very clean picture of yours or what you do like food, fashion designer etc and sell them using instagram account.

4. Sale your own products: These are for people that have either physical or digital products to sale, can use their instagram account to market their brand products for wider sales and publications.