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Top 10 websites that pay you for simple tasks

If you are looking to achieve theaim of getting rich with your data plan then we will help you discover Trusted Online Money Making Sites without investment where you could earn real money online.


If you have a blog or a website where you publish quality content and have a good audience and everyday traffic then you can easily monetize your website with Google Adsense.

This is free to join service by Google for publishers where google places display ads on your website or blog and you earn revenue when your website visitor clicks on that ad.

google adsense

Google Adsense is a trusted online money making site without investment, here you just need to signup for free and enter your website details for verification, once it is approved you can place different ad units on your website and with the continuous approach you will start generating revenue from your blog or website on Google Adsense account.


Similar to Google Adsense we have which is again another online advertising service that places ad units from advertisers around the world on your website.

Due to increase in the competition and high rate of online blogs “Google Adsense” follows strict guidelines that don’t allow every blog to get approved and if advertising is the primary source of revenue of your website then you could advertise your website with If you want to maximize your online revenue.

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In the world of online advertising, Google Adsense and are the most reliable sites to make money online.


In the world of internet, only publishing and advertising is not the only source of online income but e-commerce is one of the largest online business today, and when it comes to E-Commerce How can we forget Amazon which is the world’s largest organization in the E-commerce Business. 

Since Amazon is the biggest name in the industry, therefore, we could trust the brand and with this Amazon Affiliate Program it allows Online Publishers, Bloggers, and Even Social Media Influencers to start making money online from their website, blog or even social media handles even if there are no display advertising options like above, by promoting Amazon products to the right audience. 

amazon associates

Once you start promoting Amazon products to your audience, you start earning commissions and even successful bloggers say for them affiliate source of income is one of the biggest sources of their overall revenue.  Amazon Associates program is free to join, you just need to signup and you will get a dashboard from where you could choose and pick the products to promote. Once you decide to promote a particular product you could generate a unique link that you could share with your audience and start earning commissions from each sale. 


As we all know that YouTube is the Second largest search engine in the world, and not just search engine it is a video sharing company which a service by Google where you could create a channel for free and start uploading your videos. 

If you are looking for any creative ways to make money then youtube could be a very good option to explore and showcase your talent in front of the entire world. 

youtube channel

Once you build an engaging audience and reach the minimum benchmark for monetizing your videos then you could apply for Google Adsense and this service will place display ads on your YouTube videos and your videos will start generating revenue.

Since YouTube is a service by Google, therefore, you just need to create a free Gmail account with which you can create your YouTube channel for free without any investment and start earning money from your videos.  Your YouTube Channel revenue is not just restricted to Adsense advertising but you could also perform affiliate marketing by promoting products or service on your channel.


If you like to travel and want to earn money from one of the trusted online money making sites without investment if you own a travel website then you could sign up for affiliate program.

It is a very good source of income for the travel enthusiast who wants to earn from their travel blog or website. offers many properties and choices of hotels to stay and if people follow you as a travel blogger or travel publisher then you could promote their service offering to your audience and for every online booking, you will earn revenue.


One of the most trusted online money making sites without investment for the freelancer and part-time workers who would like to earn from their creativity or skill then would be one of the best options for you to earn money online.

There are many services that people are searching for and connects the freelancers to the right audience

There are many services that you could offer to the Fiverr audience as gigs, like a virtual assistant, voice over, film editing, website designing, article writing, advertising, graphics designing, Digital Marketing and many more countless services that you could offer and purchase.


It will take time to get started with your first gig but once you satisfy your clients with your delivery then your ratings as a seller will increase that will help you get more orders and your growth will be limitless.

Similar to there are other popular freelancing websites like or that you could also consider if you want to earn money online without any investment as a freelancer.


If you want to earn money from one of the most trusted online money making sites without investment either from home or own home office by becoming as a seller, then eBay would be a good option for you to start with later you could also consider other e-commerce websites as a full-time seller like Amazon. 


Why we are choosing eBay over Amazon for beginners is because there are plenty of startup advantages that we will discuss here. 

It doesn’t cost a lot of investment if you want to sell items that you already have then you could start selling for free on eBay, your expenses will come after you’ve made a sale and have been paid.  

It’s Fast and Efficient – Once you start placing your items for sale, you could create an auction and get paid for your item within a few days.  

Ready Stream of Buyers – Since eBay has over 152 million active users with a user-friendly mobile app, therefore, this site is successful at helping sellers to reach buyers more easily and even as a home business you don’t need to have your own website to sell online or any social media sharing.  But to get started you need to plan, research, plan and implement and evaluate your plan to make a steady income from online earnings.  

There are many sources to earn money online but out of all we recommend you to first try from the above available options as if you pursue a goal with the right path only then you will become successful and according to our research and experience we found above-mentioned websites as the most Trusted earning sites and the best part is that these websites are Free online earning websites that means they don’t need any investment from your side to set up your account and start working. 

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