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Only Dumb People Do these 5 Silly things with their Money

"Don't buy liabilities from your income. Buy assets and your assets will buy you every liability you need".- Robert Kiyosaki (Author, Rich Dad, Poor Dad).

The above quote summarises what most people do with their money especially the poor ones. You mustn't spend your hard earned money the way you want or you will be called a dumb person financially if you are not already one. The following things are what dumb people do with their money...

#1. Becoming a Victim of Social Proof with Money: So many people are victims of what psychology calls social proof. Social proof means that you are naturally pressured to do whatever other people are doing.

Start having pride in being different and being yourself because most people in this world are really dumb and want you to do or behave like them. You mustn't buy what someone else is buying or using because of social proof or pressure. Remember you don't have to prove to anyone about anything. Let that message sink into your subconscious or you will still remain a dumb person trying to belong to something you aren't meant to be part of at all.

#2. Seeing your Income as Fruit: There are two kinds of people; those that see their income as a seed to be nurtured and grown into a fruit while the other kind of people are those that see their income as a fruit to be eaten and thrashed immediately waiting for the next fruit. Which one are you?

You can avoid being dumb by saving part of your income so that one day, you will be able to invest in your own business or other people's business and also one day, you wouldn't be going to that job you hate doing. It all starts with seeing your income as a seed not a fruit.

#3. Telling People how much you Earn: Almost everybody is guilty of this including me. As humans we are always tempted to reveal how much money we make just to prove an unnecessary point. This particular habit has destroyed so many relationships because so many people will be depending on you for loans or to help them with one financial assistance or another. If you decline, they will either label you stingy, wicked and inconsiderate.

These people don't know that you have a life to protect as well. They don't care that you also have savings or investments to make with your money. To save yourself from such bitter experiences, stop telling people how much you earn no matter how small or little it might be. I think it is better that way, or what do you think?

#4. Buying things because of Social media: We live in the world of internet and social media and these tools have influenced our lives so much that most people buy what they need based on what it is trending on the social media. What a low way to live your life and spend your money.

Don't allow social media to affect your buying habits. Don't buy flashy dresses just for you to impress your friends on Facebook. These Facebook friends of yours don't really care about you so why waste so much money on accessories just to impress them. This particular habit makes you really dumb, believe me.

#5. Expecting a Raise Before You Save: This is very dumb of you to do because there can never be a convenient time for you to save than now. Saving is not a product of how much you earn but rather a product of intentionally saving part of what you earn.

Saving as a habit is something you must cultivate as a person if you don't to be dumb financially.

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