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Know this Reasons why you are not Making Money online and How you can (2020)

Below are the clear reasons why you have not been successful in making money online

1. You Are Trying To Do Everything

This actually happened to me when I moved into the online business world. Imagine reading a couple of articles by the so called gurus back then of how they made money blogging, doing affiliate marketing, selling their products and all that. You simply get confused and would imagine doing all so you can make the huge sum income all at once.

This isn’t a nice strategy because, you end up splitting your resources to various projects and none of them would ever grow to become successful.

This is one major problem Newbies face and should be avoided if you wish to become successful online.

2. You Are Busy Buying Everything and wants to Attend All Make Money Online Seminars

I’m not trying to say that buying ebooks or attending make money online seminars are wrong. But if you are going to start a particular business online, it is advisable you buy ebooks pertaining to the business you are moving into.

For instance, let’s say you are about to move into blogging, you do not have to buy eBooks related to affiliate marketing for a start, you are to learn the basics of blogging before talking of affiliate marketing.

By the way, if you are busy attending those so called Make Money Online seminars, when are you going to have the time to implement the things you’ve learnt so far.

So my encouragement for you is to concentrate on one aspect of making money online and have your interest in buying things related to that subject matter alone.

3. You Are so Lazy

This might not apply to everyone anyway, but this is definitely true for most people. One thing I can for sure say is hardwork pays a great deal. You do not expect someone who spends sleepless nights trying to promote their business to end up with same results as the other person who snores all through the night.

It is important you scout for different strategies to improve your money making niche, this would improve your productivity and earnings in the long run if properly implemented.

4. You Are Not Patient

As with every good thing, they say, Nothing Good Comes Easy of which this is also true when it comes to making money online. You must learn how to be patient and work hard to achieving success.

Most people quite because they do not endure to the end. Now I’m really happy earning money online.

So check out the things you should be doing now to make money online.

Sure Ways That Can Make You Money Online

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online.

All you need do is create a blog and update it with articles that are related to your choice Niche. Try to build up traffic and loyal readers to your blog, and in the long run you will attract Advertisers to pay for Ad spaces on your blog.

There are other methods to make money blogging which include Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, Infolinks, and other selling your own products to your readers.

One thing you need to sustain your earnings blogging is traffic.

Below are a couple of ways You can make money with my blog:

1. CPM / CPC Ads: These are ads that pay per click or thousand impressions. Some of the networks that you can receive payments from include Adsense,, Chitika, Infolinks.

2. Direct advert sales

3. Sponsored reviews

4. Affiliate sales

You too can, build up a blog and drive traffic to it today if you want to earn money blogging.

2. Freelancing

A freelancer is someone who does minor jobs for people online and jobs which include Writing Jobs, Virtual Assistance jobs and lots more. There are a couple of freelancing jobs I currently use in making money online. I know you would to know what means they, don’t worry I’ll outline them below.

Here are a few freelancing jobs that I am doing to earn money and you can choose from the list below, at least one would work well for you.

1. Setting up blogs for clients

2. Designing logos and business cards online

3. Setting up a custom domain for Blogger blogs

3. Blogger to WordPress migration

4. Designing/development of websites

5. Writing jobs

6. Programming Language

7. Digital Marketing

8. Photoshop and Illustrator for clients

The truth is, the possibilities of making money freelancing are endless and you too can. 

Now what are you to do?

The choice is now yours to make. It is either you make money online or regret ever investing $100 (#36,000) into any online venture simply because you did things the wrong way.

Avoiding the above mentioned reasons why people fail in their online business is the essential key to your success.

I hope you find ways to apply these principles, and feel free to add yours using the comment box below.

Thanks for reading through and hope to see you at the top.