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5 corona virus inspired businesses that's making millions

Corona virus casualties is on the rise with no sign of halt in view. Since the start of this virus till now, thousands have lost their lives.

Fortunately, none of this fatality happened on African soil. There are couples of infections recorded in Cameroon for instance, but no death yet.

Covid-19 has destabilised almost everything: marketplace, economy, entertainment etc. Mass gathering is no longer encouraged.

Businesses that depends on physical presence of people - crowd- are no longer doing well.

In the midst of this, there are businesses that are booming, thriving on the Covid-19 presence.

See list below:

1. Netflix and Co: As physical filmhouses are emptying, virtual filmhouses are filling up. More subscribers for the likes of Netflix and other movie streaming sites.

2. Udemy and Co: Udemy is a virtual repository of various online courses cutting across all disciplines. Universities are closing down. Taking courses online is now the real deal. Did you know? You could create your own course online too and make millions

3. Nose mask vendors: this might sound inconsequential but it's important. News has it that #500 mask shot up to 5k on the sight of corona virus.

4. Sanitizer manufacturers: market now seems favourable for chemical industries. You want to stay safe? You've got to sanitize your hand before touching your eyes or nose.

5. Pharmaceutical companies: since common cold and catarrh has multiplied worldwide, more drugs has to be made to ameliorate it. Though not the vaccine, just a temporary saviour from fears and worry.

In all things, let God be our guide. May we never fall victim. Amen.