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10 of the richest beggers in the world

1. Bharat Jain:

Said to be the richest beggar in the world, Bharat Jain from Mumbai has earned quite a fame. 52-year-old Bharat Jain used to beg in Parel region of Mumbai city. He is often seen begging at Azad Maidan or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. He earns 2,000 to 2,500 INR per day and owns two 1 BHK apartment in Patel Nagar worth 80 Lakhs. He also has a shop of his own which he let out for 10,000 a month. Jain earns 75000 INR per month.

2. Eisha:

Eisha was a Saudi Arabian woman who died at the age of 101. After her death when the beggar’s property was revealed, it turned out o be in millions. She owned four buildings, expensive jewels and gold coins, summing up her assets in more than $1 million.

3. Simon Wright:

From ASBO (Anti-Social-Behavior-order), Simon Wright was banned from begging. But still, he manages to earn £50,000 a year from strangers’ donations. Simon lives a luxuries life in £300,000 Fulham flat.

5. Ted Williams:

Ohio based Ted Williams made most of his money from his singing skills. Williams used to beg on the roads of Ohia and at that time he was extremely poor. He was noticed by a reporter when he heard him singing. The reporter made a video of him singing and uploaded it on Youtube. The video went viral and just like that Williams became a millionaire.

6. Krishna Kumar Gite:

Another beggar from Mumbai, Krishna Kumar Gite earns between Rs. 1,500/- to Rs. 2,000/- a day. He also owns a flat at Nallasopara.

7. Sambhaji Kale:

Looks like begging is more profitable than working a white-collar job in Mumbai. Sambhaji Kale and his whole family beg for a living. Sambhaji Kale earns a thousand rupees a day. He has a bank account, he has invested in companies, he has a flat in Virar, two houses and a piece of land in Solapur.

8. Sarvatia Devi:

Sarvatia Devi, a female beggar from Patna, India not only owns a comfortable apartment near Ashok Cinemas but she also pays 36000 rupees annually in the form insurance premium. She also likes to travel and has been to many holy places in and outside of the country

9. Corey & Rongfeng:

Mr. Corey and Mr. Rongfeng have rather a motivational story. Corey was a beggar who began to work for a living after quitting begging. He delivers newspapers now and proudly earns up to $100 a day. Similarly, Rongfeng was also very poor who slept on the streets. A lady once helped him with money to afford food and fares. Rongfeng started out his own business and became rich enough to repay the lady with $163,000 USD as a thankful gesture.

10. Massu/ Malana:

Massu or Malana is another beggar from Mumbai who is among the richest beggars in the world. He takes an auto to reach his spot and back home. After changing into his begging clothes he begs for 8- 10 hours. His earns between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per month and also owns property worth of 30 lakhs INR.