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World's "richest" country is in Africa where locals sell money for living

Zimbabwe is located in the southeast of Africa. The country has experienced serious inflation, which has made the paper money here very worthless. 
Sometimes, there is not even a piece of paper expensive. Although the industry of this country is very developed, but after that inflation, Zimbabwe here is very worthless, and their denomination is very large, usually with tens of millions of yuan as the basic unit, which is just amazing. Therefore, in such an environment, many people will carry bundles of money to the streets for sale in exchange for some other living materials.
We should know that most country's money denomination is very small, and the largest is only 100. Compared with Zimbabwe, the difference is very obvious. But in fact, Zimbabwe's coins are not the only ones in the world that are not worth money. There are still many countries like this, such as Vietnam Dong.
In fact, the issue of currency exchange rate is still necessary, because the development of each country is quite different, but when you travel, you must know the local exchange rate in advance, only in this way can we make our travel more smooth.