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What Corps Members Should Do With Their 33,000 Allowance

 What a great time to be alive; NYSC allowance has increased from N19800 to N33,000. After several years, the government has finally increase corps allowances. Now, corps members will be eager to serve their fatherland, and those who are yet to serve will become eager to do so or so we think. That’s the power of a good allowance. Anyway, we have put on our prophecy caps, and we are here to bring you a divine message about the things that will happen with this new allowance.

Most of the corps members will start doing the following:

Wasteful spending

Protest from siblings

Financial Advice will increase

Alcohol at bar joints

Amidst this, I encourage my fellow corps members to do wise spending and invest part of their allowances to be self employed at the end of their service. Imagine you are able to save 200k, I believe there are so many opportunities to grab with even 100k that will generate you money at the end of every month