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The New Business in Nigeria Worth Billions of Naira Everyone is Eager to do

1 Digital Marketing
As the quest and demand of online market increases, so its the pusher and marketing in the E commerce sector. Digital marketing as become a lucrative job in nigeria with almost 20% increase in 2019. Since the internet and smart phone has create a platform for social media advertising and promotion, a lot of individuals has choose the opportunity to become the guide and promoter of goods and services..
2 Bit Coin
This has become a huge business for a lot of individuals who have the knowledge on how this trade and new currency work. A lot of persons have become a day trader and sellers of this currency both locally and internationally.

3 E - Commerce
This is the new icing in the internet business world. E commerce has become a force in the nigeria market with jumia, konga, wanabuy, etc becoming more of value to customers and retailers. The e commerce has become a huge platform for buyers and sellers with millions of naira on transactions daily.

4 Logistics
Logistics has become a boom in the nigeria market with millions of goods on delivery daily. The market is has seen drastic increase in size with over 25% 2019 and will double in this new decade. The rate of online market is increasing with demand of delivery service also to ease movement of consumers goods