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China is destroying large stock of money.

China is destroying large stock of money and more are to be destroyed in days to come, and this is because of the coronavirus that have affected about 71,000 people since its outbreak in December. The virus has so far claimed the lives of 1,775 majority of whom are from China. The deadly virus has a very fast rate of spreading as it has been observed could spread by having contact with an infected person's; sweat, used items which includes money, the virus can last for up to 7 hours on the surface of an item touched by infected persons thereby increasing the danger and the rate of spread. Money as means of exchange moves faster than the spender and could travel far in matters of minutes., thus the risk of further is higher with persistent use of money most especially from region and towns that have high cases of the virus.

The government plan to subject large amount of money to laundering and disinfectation using ultraviolet lights and high temperature after which they are to be stored for up to 14 days before releasing them for public use.

While money from highly volatile regions, shall be treated specially most of which will be destroyed.