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Top 10 Fast Selling Product You Can Start With 50k Naira And Become An Importer In 6 Months

Not knowing the trending product to sell online is one of the easiest way to fall in e-commerce business world.
The industry is rising at an exceptional rate every year and it makes most online business hard in updating their offers to help scale their business.

In order to succeed in this industry you need profitable and demanding product to sell, how to market them and the urge to succeed.

Here are some lucrative product you jump on this 2020

1. Car Accessories
2. Phone Accessories
3. Laptop and gadgets
4. Cosmetics
5. Hair Extensions
6. Clothes
7. Jewelry
8. Shoes
9. Baby Products
10. Power Banks

With this 10 product listed you are good to go and you can start any of this with as low as #50,000 and in 6 months you become an importer.

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