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Simple Tricks on How I get my Articles Published within few minutes on opera news hub

Its a known fact that all articles posted to opera news hub normal goes through four stages (pending, Test online, Published, Rejected) and this usually take roughly 6-10hrs.

Today I will give you a trick that works for me.

Below are the 7 easy steps:

1. Choose a good title for your post in order to get approved on time, poorly written titles doesn't get approved on time and some time get rejected.

2. The content of the article most be written in a clear terms (avoid big grammar and professional jargns) for the sake of public understanding. This make ur article get approved on time.

3. Avoid copy and paste, that's to say that do not copy posts from other website or from opera news hub, you should create your own opinion using posts on other website as your source or guide.

4. Do not include pornography, horrors or any related content in your post.

5. Do not advertise in your post.

6.Always read your content over and over before submitting to avoid mistakes.

7.Do good by reading the opera news hub terms and conditions.

This tricks have really worked for me and still working for me.