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Opera News Payment Received (How to Check)

Opera News Hub has started sending payment to thier estmeed publishers.

Your effort and time is worth-while, you can now smile to bank to withdraw your earnings, and for those who do not know how to withdraw their earnings you can read the comprehensive article I have written on how to withdraw your earning on opera news hub platform. Please see the article here How to Withdraw your Opera News Hub Earnings .

If you are just seeing this article for the first, then, it is time you join the league of publishers that get paid monthly for just writing article in the opera news hub creator platform. You can read how to join Opera News Hub Creator Platform here. Great News For Opera News Hub Creators, Earn money for every article published (See Details)

Note if you have any questions regarding payment, kindly leave a comment below and be sure I will get back to you in a jiffy.

For now, login to your Opay account to see your earnings and if the earnings are not available I will advice you wait patiently as your payment will be sent in a short while. 

 See how to connect your Opay account with Opera News Hub Creator here How to Edit Your Opay Account On Opera News Hub