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How to Withdraw your Opera News Hub Earnings

The Opera News hub is a platform that allows you to published articles without owning a blog or a website. What I mean is you can be a publisher even without investing a dime buy domain or hosting.

 Also, the good thing is that you publish articles on the platform and at a later date you receive your accumulated earnings. Incase you want to learn how to advertise your blog or business on Opera please reach this indept article I have written on
How to Advertise on Opera Mini News Homepage in 2020 .

How is my Earnings calculated on Opera News Hub?

You get paid N350 – N400 for every 10,000 views you receive in each article. You can only publish at most 5 articles per day. So, if you post 5 articles daily and you manage to get 500,000 views on each article in total you are going to have 5,000,000 views in total and that a whopping sum of N200,000 monthly. Use the N400 article view to calculate.

How to Withdraw your Opera News Hub Earnings

1. Register your Opay account and note the account details, most of the time you account number is your mobile number.

2. Fill in your account details before making your first post.

3. The revenue is being processed at the end of every month. You’ll receive payments around the 15th of each month for the previous month’s balance.

How to Increase your Opera News Hub Earnings

Register with the link

If you are still having issues registering or issues on some subjects please feel free to contact me and I will reply you in no distance time. You can also drop comments in the comment section.