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How to link your opay account in opera hub.

 This article is written to guide you on how to connect your Opay account to your opera news so that you can receive payments this January.

First,you should note that this feature wasn't enabled as I tried updating my own Opay account to my opera news hub but couldn't.So later, I tried again and it worked on my phone.

Now let's move to business.For you to do this,you need a good browser and I suggest a Google chrome browser for this activity.

Steps Involved
1.Open your chrome browser and change your browser option to desktop site;this feature is very important and without this, it won't work,then type and login to your account.
You can see my desktop site is chosen.

2.You then login to your account.
See my account below on my phone

3.By your left you will see these



Content library


Click on account and this will take you to the popped up page below.
You can now clearly see your Opay account option.

4.Now lastly,click on Opay account.When you click on it a pop up interface will open like the one below asking for your Opay account number.

From here,you can now enter your Opay account number and click update.This works.

With this,you don't need to spend extra cost of paying in a cafe to use their system.