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How to evaluate your performance on the Opera News Hub

It is important for every writer on the Opera News Hub to know how to evaluate article performances, and we have decided to explain this to you.

There are 6 important key indicators to evaluate if your article is performing excellently well or otherwise. They include: Impressions, Clicks, Click Through Rate (CTR), Comments, Shares, and stay duration. The most important indicators is click.

Click (views)

The click which is the most important indicator is determined by article cover image and headline, especially the headline. The catchier your headlines are, the more clicks on them.


The number of impressions(reach) on your article is determined by how trendy the topic is. The topic should match users interest in Opera News. The more trending, and relateable the topic is, the higher the possibilities for the articles to be recommended by the system.

CTR (Click/Impression)

The CTR is the article number of clicks divided by the impression. If your article has a high CTR, your article is catchy and will perform well on the hub.


This has to do with your topic, a controversial topic will always spark hot debate.


If your topic can provide value and resonate with the user and mobilize the user's sympathy, anger, anxiety and other emotions, the more likely this article is shared by users and this in-turn will boost your article.

Stay duration

This has to do with the length of the article. At least a long article will give users more content to read and thus longer stay in this article. Short articles won’t contribute to a longer stay.
Also the organization and style of the article. Users will keep on reading your article if it is well organized and clickable. Users won’t spend more time on something boring.

From the above, we can observe that article traffic is affected by topic selection, content, title and pictures, and a great title and cover image will go a long way in your performance.