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2019 Largest Bank In Africa

 South African banks maintain they positions as the largest banks in Africa according to the top 1000 banks worldwide. Majority of the banks that featured prominently on the list are majorly from South Africa, Egypt and Morocco, with only one bank from Nigeria.
 The largest banks are measured by their tier one capital.

10 Banque misr(Egypt): 
 Banque misr is an Egyptian bank found in 1920, with a tier one capitalization of US$2.3billion. It has over 10,000 employees and 1,000 branches, it also has branches in Lebanon, Libya and France. Bank misr has a net worth of over 30 billion dollars not making only one of the largest bank in Africa but also one of the richest.

9 Zenith Bank(Nigeria): 
 Zenith bank is one of the largest financial service provider in Nigeria and the only Nigeria bank in the list, with a tier capitalization of US$2.4 billion. It is licensed as a commercial bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the National Banking regulator. It is established in may 1990 with its headquarters in Victoria island Lagos, Nigeria. It has more than 2,000 branches and over 10,000 employees worldwide, Zenith bank also has subsidiaries in UK, UAE, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Gambia. It also representative offices in South Africa and China.

8 Investec(South Africa): 
 Investec is international bank specialist in assets management group with a tier one capitalization of US$2.8billion. It provides range of financial services, it is listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchange. It was founded in 1974 as a small financing and leasing company. It employs over 240 specialist and it also has over 10,000 employees worldwide. It operates majorly in UK, South Africa and Australia. It has net worth of over US$33 billion and it also ranked one of the richest bank in Africa.

7 Attijariwafa Bank(Morocco):
 It is Moroccan multinational bank and financial service company with a tier one capital of US$4 billion. Its headquarters is in Casablanca and it is a part king Muhammed holdings, with a net worth of over US$40 billion. It was the 4th largest bank in Africa in 2016. The bank maintains branches in 20 countries all over the world including branches in London, Paris, Shanghai, Tunisia and Ghana. It has also been listed on Casablanca stock exchange since 1993. 

6 Groups Banques Populiare(Morroco):
 It is a French group of cooperative banks with a tier one capital of US$4.1 billion. It is the largest bank in Morocco with an assets of US$28 billion with over 20,000. Although it is made of regional banks in Morocco, it has presence in over 17 countries worldwide and about 11 financial institutions, it also over 9.2 million customers with more than 3,000 branches.

5 National Bank of Egypt (Egypt): 
 It is the oldest and largest bank in Egypt, with a tier one capital of US$4.6 billion and worth over US$50 billion. It has over 338 branches within the country. As at 2007 the bank accounted for 23% of Egyptian total bank assets, 25% of total deposits and 25% of total loans and advances. It also has subsidiaries in New York, London and Shanghai, according the ranking of world bank in July 2007, The National Bank of Egypt ranks 226th among the top 1,000 banks in the world and ranks 3rd among Arab banks.

4 Ned Bank(South Africa): 
 It has a tier one capital of US$5.8 billion with an assets of over US$81 billion.

3 Amalgamated Bank of South Africa Group(South Africa):
 It is an African based financial service group with a tier one capital of US$6.8 billion. It is the majority share holder in 11 banks span in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia. With two representative offices in Namibia and Nigeria. It also has new office in London which open September 2018. ABSA was founded in 1991 it has since been one Africa major financial service provider, offering services in personal and business banking, cooperate and investment banking and wealth and investment management. ABSA is a subsidiary of Barclay’s bank. It is also one of the top three largest bank in South Africa.

2 First Rand Bank(South Africa): 
 It is one the largest financial institutions in Africa with a tier one capital of US$8.2 billion. It provides services such as banking, insurance and investment products and services to customers. The bank traces its routes to the 1970s, with its headquarters located in Johannesburg and assets over US$94 billion. The bank operates in 8 other African countries including Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria. It also has branches in London and India.

1 Standard Bank Group(South Africa): 
 It is South African financial service group with a tier one capital of US$9.8 billion. Its headquarters is in Johannesburg, it was formed in 1862 but started operation in 1863 in port Elizabeth, South Africa. In the early 19 century the bank was into development and funded the diamonds fields in SA. It has presence in 17 countries in Africa including Botswana, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria also in 30 other countries around the world. It has a total assets of more than US$200 billion and more than 53,000 employees. It is not only the largest bank in Africa but also the richest bank in Africa.
Other bank worth of mention includes:
11 BMCE Bank Group(Morocco): With a tier one capital of US$2.3 billion.
12 Afrexim Bank(Egypt): With a tier one capital of US$2.2 billion.
13 CIB(Egypt): With a tier one capital of US$1.7 billion.
14 Eco Bank(Togo): With a tier one capital of US$1.6 billion.
15 Arab Africa International Bank(Egypt): With a tier one capital of US$1.5 billion.