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Things To Learn From Dangote's Interview By Mo.

Recently dangote was interviewed by Mo ibrahim and a lot was discussed on the show.
 That is were Dangote said that he withdrew $10 million to take home to see if he really has money.

Here are the top five lessons you can learn from the interview.

1 Dangote was able to analyse the technical part of his refinery and construction as if he is the field.

2 Dangote said that he was not with cash unlike how people do now a days by showing of lot of cash to show that they are rich.

3 Dangote adviced the youth to stop spending too much once their business is booming rather reinvest.

4 He also said that ICT and agriculture are the best opportunity to invest in this age. If he was 21 years old that is where he will invest in.

5 He said that most Africa country should push for regional free trade agreement.

6 He said unemployed youths are are like time bomb.

7 Dangote also said that he does not have vacation house any were in Europe, while some of his workers have houses in different countries. You don't need to have big houses to show you are rich, just humble your self.