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Internet Business And Their Misconception.

Most people have lost of money, time, data and effort in trying to make money online.
 This happens because people don't have the full knowledge or have wrong idea of the business before going into it.

Here are some of the misconception about Internet business that we should know.

1 Blogging Is A Side Hustle That Does Not Require Time:

Most people think that blogging is a side hustle that won't take much of your time as most websites picture it to be. Gone are the days when blogging is a side hustle, they are a lot of blogs this days, it will be difficult for you to get traffic if you don't dedicate time to write your post and share post frequently, unless you can get people to do that for you and pay them.

2 Forex Trading Is Easy Money:
Most people have lost a lot of money thinking that forex trading can easily be dive into without knowledge. Forex in the real sense requires a lot of skills and knowledge about it. In forex you have study money management, study different graph and tools etc.

3 Fiverr and Upwork:
  Most people think they can just go to fiverr and upwork to create a job and thinking that people will request for their job especially with a Nigerian account, if you do this they is probability that you might not a job request.

4 Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online easily but the fact is that you need to spend on money on promotion of your social media or where you want to do the affiliate marketing in other to reach more audience unless you will just be wasting your time sharing to few audience of which it can be one out of every 1,000 that will consider the products you are marketing.

5 Drop Shipping:
Drop shipping is also like affiliate marketing. You need spend more on ads and promotions.