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Cost Of Government Identification Registration In Nigeria.

They are different identification registration by Nigerian government.

 The identification vary from national id card, drivers license, passport etc.
Here are the cost of registration in Nigeria for government identification.

1 National Id card:
Cost - Free.

2 Drivers license:

Driving School certificate :
Cost - N8,000.

VIO test certificate :
Cost - N1,000.

Eye Test Certificate :
Cost - N500.

Driver’s License Payment :
Cost - N10,450 (for 5 years).

3 International Passport:

32-page five-year standard passport.
Cost - N25,000.

64-page five-year standard passport.
Cost - N35,000.

64-page 10-year standard passport.
Cost - N70,000.

32-page five-year official passport at N15,000.

4 Ecowas Passport:
Cost - 15,000.

5 CAC Business Registration:

Name reservation:
Cost - 500.

Business registration:
Cost - 15,000.

6  State Of Origin:
Most common cost: 2,500.

7 Permanente Voters Card:
Cost - Free.