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Top New Year Resolution That Business Men Should Consider Before New Year.

1 Wasting of time: Wasting of time is a factor that people should generally always consider as every body waste time at one point or the other. Working more on this should improve your success rate.

2 Try saving more or investing more than spending.

3 Reduce your stress level and relax more so that you can be able to think better and relieve your self from depression.

4 Reduce the time you spend watching movies or tv.

5 Reduce the rate at which you watch pornography or masturbate.

6 Reduce your intake of alcohol as you may get addicted.

7 Relate with people more and exchange knowledge.

8 Always do the things that makes you happy and gives you joy.

9 Specialise. Don't be jack of all trades.

10 Read more and learn more.

11 Hit gym once in a while to get fit.

12 Learn new things or techniques online.

13 Promote your self and products.