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Top 10 Things You Can Profit From Selling these Yuletide Season.

Yuletide Season is characterized by high demand of goods and services. We would go through things you can sell or do to make extra cash this season.

1 Sell food stuff: selling of food stuff is a good business this season. Food stuff such as rice, Tomato paste or pepper, Maggie etc.

2 Give cash to people who wants to withdraw: A lot of people would want to withdraw money these period, you can withdraw a lot of money down before banks closes then give people cash as they transfer to your account or use P.O.S. Your charge high price for this service as customers would not want to wait like 2 - 4 hours on queue before withdrawal.

3 Selling of life stock: Life such as chicken, goat, Turkey, Fish etc will be in high demand to celebrate the festive season.

4 Buying and reselling of events or concerts tickets: Buying concert tickets at a cheap price then reselling after all tickets have been sold out is also a good deal. Note that not all events tickets will be sold out and not all events centers are small.

5 Transport: If you have a car this can be the opportunity to make money without waiting for commercial buss on queue at the park as the will be increase in demand for transport and people would be will to pay extra cash this period to get to their destination especially travellers. You don't need to shout at Park because they will be many ready to get a ride.

6 Selling of gift items: You can get gift raps or basket then put gift items in them then sell it after packaging.

7 Affiliate marketing.

8 Use your garden or fields as parks.

9 Watch out for promos.

10 Selling of toys or fashion materials.