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Gym is a place were exercises are done and it is commonly used by mostly the rich people and average income earner that makes it a great place to sell things.

One of the most consumed products in gym are supplements especially for body buiders or weight lifters.
The most common are whey protein supplement, creatine clear, testosterone, pit bull etc.

2 Sport wears:
Sport wears are also essential in a gym as clients may need to  dress sporty.

3 Accessories:
Accessories such as waist trimmers, sweat belt, anklets, gym glove,skipping ropes, sport watches etc. Are essential in gym to aid clients workouts.

4 Energy drinks and Water:
Energy drinks such as lucozade boost, climax etc. Are also essential to aid clients work out while water also helps prevent dehydration as you may loose a lot of water while working out.

5 Fruits:
Most people who workout are always conscious of what they eat and mostly advice to eat a lot fruit especially those clients who work on weight loss and flexibility.
Fruits that contains vitamin c is good for flexibility while fruits like water melon, ginger, garlic, cucumber and pineapple is good for weight loss.

Others include:
6 weights.

7 Dumbells.

8 Magazines.

9 Medical drinks like green tea, ginseng tea etc.

10 Fashion accessories.