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Things you can do on sartudays for extra income.

Sartudays are always filled with event because that is the only day some individuals have free time unlike Sundays where people go for church service or asalatu.
People go to resort centers, club, events, concerts etc on sartudays.
We take you through the things you can do sartudays aside from your normal regular daily jobs.

1 Wait and Get pictures: You can snap people at events such as weddings, naming ceremony and also at resort centers then print the picture for them before the leave.

2 Sell snacks and drinks: You can also sell drinks with good quality and snacks for guest refreshments.

3 DJ:  Recently people don't really focus on DJ skills if it is not a club. Without learning how do DJ you can just play continuous songs for people or download DJ mix only then play it at events.

4 Make smoothies and Shawarma: When going to resort center people don't really like to buy what they eat regularly at home. That why selling smoothies and Shawarma highly demanded at resort centers.

5 Fitness training: You can volunteer to have open fitness centre to train people on sartudays only since people would be busy other days.

6 Saturday Blogging:
Blogging on sartudays on if you don't have any other thing doing is also good idea.

7 Freelancing job: Online freelancing job can be done any time at your convenience. Doing this on sartudays only is not bad.

8 Bouncer or security: If you have a huge stature you can work as bouncer at events or concert.

9 Life band: Life band is also demanded in events if you can sing or play any instruments especially in the south part of the country.

Others  include:

10 Rental services

11 Decoration services.

12 Catring services.